Star Exchange – Five Star Exchange is a P2P crypto-products trading platform. Five Star Exchange is the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange, launched on 26 January 2020. Five Star Exchange offers trading for Five Star Coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, TUSD, BNB, TRX and more than 65 cryptocurrencies in total. Five Star Exchange and the mobile applications provided under Five Star Exchange are owned and operated by Venayat Tech Solutions Private Limited. The founding team at Five Star Exchange are highly ranked … experts in web development, finance and advanced algorithmic trading services worldwide. In addition, it also serves as a coin-to-coin and P2P trading platform targeting the global market. Key Features: Website, Android App. Algorithms clear real-time and optimal processes. The crypto platform provides access to exchange technology according to the most advanced API operating system in the market. Five Star Exchange has a reported 24h volume of $0 and an equity ratio of $0. It offers 0 fees and has a 0.00% trust score based on our algorithm.

Market depth is a metric that shows the real liquidity of the market. Volume is not the most reliable indicator in the current crypto space – due to sheer wash-business and fake services.

Star Exchange

Star Exchange

It measures the 1% or 10% zone of the order book from the midpoint price (1%/10% of buy orders and 1%/10% of sell orders).

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This is important, because the size of the entire book due to overvaluation can give a wrong result, which can give a false sense of liquidity for a particular market.

By default market depth shows the most liquid market organized by the combined order (which is the sum of buy and sell orders). In this way, it already provides very interesting information. Market depth shows how many buy orders are open on the left (green) side of the bar and how many open sell orders are on the right (red) side of the bar (both can be converted to BTC, ETH or whatever fiat we have). available on site).

Due to widespread bad behavior in the field of crypto exchanges, we introduced new ways to analyze exchanges in 2019 and 2020, and one of them – trust. Since this is a new metric – it’s important to know how it works.

Trust depends on the amount of money, as it is an important part of cryptocurrency exchange. No water shortages, no trade, poor markets fail in the long run. Besides liquidity – there is an additional factor in the score calculation – market depth / ratio. If the volume is large (especially when it grows faster than the water level), and the depth of the market does not seem to continue – this will lower the overall score. A change that increases the price increase for sellers is to crunch all the numbers intelligently and have an overall score above 75-80% (ie they have minimum requirements, web traffic limits and a higher amount regulated).

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Good liquidity to volume ratio (based on CO/Vol) is good and volume seems to be well represented in this market. The average liquidity to volume ratio (based on CO/Vol) in this market is an average, the number reported by the exchange may be higher than the actual one. Poor liquidity and high volume (based on CO/Vol) are worse in this market, which can be caused by high volume (eg wash-trading) or insufficient marketability (low volume change). No Data No data available for this market.

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