Game Exchange – SAN ANGELO – For San Angelo players looking for nostalgia, the new store may be the place to be.

Game X Change opened its 35th Texas location at 3562 Knickerbocker Road on December 13, 2018 and has several classic games to choose from.

Game Exchange

Game Exchange

“We have a little bit of everything,” said Briana Jackson, Game X-Change employee. “We have game consoles from the Sega Genesis to the Playstation 4.”

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While Game X-Change’s main feature is video games, it also has DVDs, Blu-rays and smartphones. Jackson said her favorite item in the store is a television with a built-in Nintendo 64, priced at $799.95.

“It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jackson said. “I show it to people who are really interested in old tech and games.”

Although most of the items on sale are relatively cheap, some items, such as new consoles, can be expensive. Jackson said that’s why he offers year-round vacations.

“People can come and sell video games, consoles, smartphones or tablets,” Jackson said. “A lot of people used this service. I managed to sell about 120 games last night.”

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The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00. and Sunday noon to 6 p.m. Located in Southwest Plaza Mall across the street from San Angelo Community Medical Center. See Live 7:00 p.m.: The United States and the Holocaust, a film by Ken Burns | Screening and panel discussion »

WNPR’s Small Business Outreach increases understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses, educates policy makers and highlights the critical role small businesses play in the nation’s economy.

Businessman Chris Runyan does not follow trends. In a downloadable online world, he built a successful brick and mortar business. And at a time when businesses are moving out of state, he moved from Arkansas to Connecticut to do just that.

Game Exchange

When Chris Runyan moved to Connecticut in 2009, he came with the intention of starting his own business. He said: “My goal was to open six stores in three years.”

File:game Xchange Waterbury Ct (14160327148).jpg

The store Runyan wanted to open here is Game Xchange, which buys, sells and trades video games, movies and accessories. It is a kind of franchise – there are more than 50 stores nationwide, most of which are located in the Midwest and South of the United States. Runyan knew one of the company’s owners in Arkansas, and when his wife took a job in the Northeast, he proposed the idea of ​​taking the brand into new territory.

“Through this relationship, I knew the stores, their effectiveness, their success and expansion,” said Runyan. “I needed something to do coming to Connecticut and I thought it fit well.”

The owners agreed, and Runyan bought the company. For any retail store, location is key to success, but when he arrived, he still had no idea about the cities and towns of Connecticut. Now I feel that I have lived here my whole life.”

In the south, there can be long driving hours between population centers. But here Runyan’s potential territories are much closer together. He chose Orange as the location for his first store and opened it in the spring of 2010. He found that being in the Northeast was no obstacle to success. In the top five, in the top six in all game Xchange.

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In recent years, the movie rental business has moved almost entirely online, and game sales may also move in that direction. Runyan says his customers have made the store a destination for the items and often come to browse them. “I love to see it when people walk into a store,” he said, “and they don’t spend five or ten minutes just going in and get something and leave — but they spend 30 minutes walking around the store talking to The staff about the movie that is coming out, or old movies that are classics.Games too.

His business has found enough customers to reach its goal — its sixth store in three years opened in Hamden last month, as did the federal Food and Drug Administration. But initially, despite a business plan that turned out to be solid, Runyan was rejected by every bank he approached.

Buck Harris of the Connecticut Community Investment Corporation said: “In the current market,” Harris said, “most banks will not agree to a startup loan.” House in this state, also considered to be disadvantageous. “He had property in Arkansas,” Harris added, “but nobody wants to attach collateral that lives in Arkansas to a loan that lives in Connecticut.” But CTCIC exists for exactly this type of situation.

Game Exchange

“We’re really here as a safety net to catch companies that can do what Chris did,” Harris said, “where we think it’s a good bet, even if it doesn’t fit the mold or criteria of banking.” They, what was about the banks is outweighed by other aspects of Runyan’s situation. His wife had a steady income from her job, and he could use the store’s stock as collateral. Harris continued, “The other thing that Chris brought to the table is that from the character’s perspective, he just made it clear that he understood his business model and that he was going to work hard. So when we see that kind of fire in someone’s eyes and the smarts to do it, we know we have a great opportunity, so we took it right away.

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CTCIC operates through a national microloan program that includes loans of up to $50,000. Interest rates, currently just over eight percent, are higher than what the bank offers because of the added risk. But CTCIC also provides business analysis and support throughout the application process and repayment period. Harris said: “From marketing to financial planning, this kind of free expertise is critical to growing a small business. A great example is Chris Runyan; we gave him three or four different loans in different ways to use the growth of his business .”

His ability to get these loans went a long way to countering some of the tougher aspects of doing business here in Connecticut.

Runyon said, “If I hadn’t been able to do that, I might have sat in three businesses instead of six, to be honest.” Its expenses are 25 to 30 percent higher than other Game Xchange stores nationwide, thanks to higher rent, utilities and Connecticut labor costs. But it will not stop growing here.

Runyan isn’t sure what part of the state the next Game Xchange will be held in, but he sees room for six to 10 more stores in Connecticut. He said, “If I stop, I have no other way to promote my other guys, so if I continue to grow at the rate of two a year, it will allow the people who work for me to have a career path with us .”

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Game Exchange

Instead of providing stores with proper sanitation (or simply closing them completely) in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Game X Change Corporation decided it would be best to send employees what turned out to be a chain email full of fraud prevention tactics. Their advice includes gargling with vinegar, drinking plenty of water (to “neutralize” the virus in the stomach, you know) and using sunlight to remove it from your clothes, all of which are practices that are thoroughly disapproved by doctors.

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Last week amid concerns about how the company is dealing with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus strain. A regional video game retailer that operates more than 100 locations in the southwestern United States is staying open despite local government calls to close non-essential businesses, employees said. Game X Change also failed to provide stores with supplies necessary to protect the health of both employees and customers.

By employees who wish to remain anonymous, vice

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