Exchange 22: – The Delhi High Court ruled in favor of Exchange 22. The conflict arose when another startup launched a copy of its gaming software. Bodhisattva Karfa, Director, Exchange 22, said, “India is now in the race to become the hub of the unicorn…

The Delhi High Court granted an ex parte ad interim order in favor of Exchange 22 in a copyright infringement suit filed against MyFab11.

Exchange 22

Exchange 22

Bodhisattva Karfa, Director, Exchange 22, said, “India is now on a new level in its race to become a hub of unicorns, startups and entrepreneurship. The common thread running through all these great achievements is innovation and protection of ideas. I am grateful that instilled a belief in the importance and significance of copyright ownership as one of today’s indispensable business assets.”

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Established in 2019, Exchange 22 is India’s first sports exchange and a fantasy gaming software brand registered with Hulme Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Ltd. It deals with Cricket, Football, Basketball and Kabaddi. Its distinguishing feature is the real-time gaming experience. It includes the unique features of stock market trading which allows the user to buy and sell shares of players just like buying and selling shares in the stock market.

Users can transact by buying any number of player shares for a maximum of 22 players in each match globally before the real time starts. Apart from the point system, the app is a perfect blend of fantasy sports league and stock trading features.

A dispute between the two entities arose when MyFab11 launched a copy of Exchange 22 a day before the Indian Premier League 2022. It not only cloned the game interface, but also created advanced analytical game data, including player ratings. It also adopted similar advertising and promotion strategies and a general advertising approach that infringed registered copyrights.

The court has banned MyFab11 from being downloaded by users through its app, official website or through any other medium, platform or update. Also, all the app stores hosting the app have been instructed to delist the app. The domain registry was also instructed to stop registering the domain name.

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Law firm Singh & Singh represented Exchange 22. The team was led by Sandeep Sethi (Senior Advocate) and assisted by Sudip Chatterjee (Partner). Others include advocates Tejveer Singh Bhatia, Shifa Nagar, Kirtraj Sadana and Tanya Arora.

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