– Lifelong learning is an extension of classrooms, books, and theories. The Centurion DNA provides ramps and steps for multiple ingress and egress by customizing and customizing the National Suspension Frame.

The right balance of knowledge and skills is the key to change. Centurion Learning Labs is a market-leading connected infrastructure for immersive and intuitive learning.

The university and our students need to change the communities and societies they live in – change starts with us, from within. Centurion thrives and thrives on the disruption and innovation necessary to create an entire learning ecosystem.

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Review: M.S. Swaminathan School of Agriculture (MSSSOA) is located in Gajapati district of South Odisha, which is one of the poorest regions of India. The…

Doctoral admission in 2020 Centurion University of Technology and Management, Odisha invites applications for FULL PART Ph.D in various engineering and technology subjects…

Overview: Centurion University of Technology and Management is India’s pioneer vocational school program with a broad …

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