Who Is The King Of Cricket In Ipl – MS Dhoni – The King of All IPL Captains: Here’s Why Now that the Indian all-rounder is taking over for CSK, let’s try to analyze why MS Dhoni is considered one of the best captains in history. The money-rich league.

Four IPL titles, nine finals, 11 playoffs as a captain, these are the captaincy records of MS Dhoni, the most successful captain of the IPL. Dhoni has been the symphony of Chennai Super Kings for the last 14 years and now Thala has decided to hand over the baton to Ravindra Jadeja. On Thursday, CSK’s Twitter handle revealed the news.

Who Is The King Of Cricket In Ipl

Who Is The King Of Cricket In Ipl

“MS Dhoni has decided to hand over the leadership of Chennai Super Kings and has appointed Ravindra Jadeja to lead the team. Jadeja, who has been part of Chennai Super Kings since 2012, is the third player to lead CSK. May Dhoni continue to represent Chennai Super Kings this season and beyond,” said CSK.

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It was highly anticipated as Dhoni had already passed as a batsman and wicket keeper, yet he had an uncanny ability to mentor young players and overcome challenges on the cricket field. It was the same when he led the Yellow Army in 2008.

Now that the Indian all-rounder is taking matters into his own hands at CSK, let’s try to analyze why MS Dhoni is considered the most successful captain in the history of the heavyweight league.

Although Mumbai Indians are the second most successful team in the IPL with five trophies, MS is the favorite captain and the most successful in the league. Apart from CSK, MS led Rising Pune Supergiants in 2016 and 2017 when CSK were banned. MS led his team in 204 matches in which the team won 121 matches and lost 82 matches, but not a single result. His win percentage is 59.60%, second only to Rohit Sharma with 0.08%.

Under MSD’s brilliant leadership, CSK reached the IPL final six times, more than any captain and team. He led the team to the final in the inaugural season of the IPL. After that, the team was in the finals from 2010 to 2013. After a year off in 2014, the Yellow Army reached the finals three times in a row. Chennai beat Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL 2022 final. So out of 14 IPL finals, CSK have played nine.

Who Is The King Of Ipl: Ranking Based On Players’ Dominance

After reaching the final in 2008, CSK failed to qualify for the next year, however, the team did not disappoint their fans as they won two titles in the next two years. It became the first team to retain the title. After the 2011 victory, CSK managed to win the trophy again in 2018, the year it returned after a two-year ban. Dhoni’s last match as IPL captain was the 2021 final, where CSK defeated KKR to claim their fourth trophy.

This is one of the main reasons why CSK and MS Dhoni are known as the greatest in the history of the league. Expect a bad season in 2020, with CSK finishing last in the league all the time. Dhoni has played many finals as a captain in the league.

Here are some stats that prove that MS is the king of all IPL captains –

Who Is The King Of Cricket In Ipl

Read all the latest news and get the latest English news & updates from the sports and cricket section MS Dhoni, the only Indian captain in the history of cricket to win the Cricket World Cup at home, is all set to return to the cricket field after a long time. time. Taking a break as he prepares to play Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2020. He is called

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With the local fans, Dhoni is one of the best captains in the IPL, having led CSK to three IPL titles.

Many fans believe that the boy from Ranchi is the one who started the popularity of T20 cricket and the birth of IPL when he participated in the Men in Blue T20 World Cup in 2007. Those who disagree with the above should check out Dhoni’s top 10 records in IPL .

Chennai Super Kings made their debut in IPL 2008 as one of the eight teams. While Mumbai Indians have the record of winning most titles, CSK has the record of last matches played. However, MS Dhoni has a unique record as the player who has played the most IPL finals. He has played 9 of the last 12 IPL so far, with one appearance for Pune.

Dhoni is a definite match-winner in T20 cricket and his finishing ability is unmatched. He is the highest scorer in IPL so far with 65 not out.

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In the rich history of IPL, many Indian players have participated in the tournament. However, when it comes to most wickets hit by MS Dhoni, he hit 209 maximums.

MS Dhoni has led almost every IPL match he has played. Apart from the 2017 IPL season, he is the team’s leading scorer in all 190 matches he has played.

It is every youngster’s dream to win the IPL man of the match award. However, MS Dhoni has earned the most recognition in the league with 17 Player of the Match Awards.

Who Is The King Of Cricket In Ipl

MS Dhoni is the best middle order batsman in the history of IPL but he excelled in batting at number 5. At this position, Dhoni scored 1,803 runs in 64 innings.

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It is very difficult for players to succeed after losing their starting position. But, MS Dhoni did his best by scoring three centuries at number 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 while batting in the IPL.

IPL requires players to be consistent and fit. MS Dhoni did two things as a master. He has managed to play more than 280 matches in all the IPL seasons so far.

MS Dhoni performed magic behind the stumps with 133 dismissals in 194 matches in the IPL. He has a strike rate of 0.72 per game which shows how good he is behind the stumps.

The record that makes MS Dhoni the greatest IPL player of all time is his captaincy record. He won 104 of his 174 games leading the team. This proves that Dhoni is the real ‘King’ of IPL. The Indian Premier League has grown exponentially since its inception in 2008. It has now become one of the most watched sports in all of sports. The IPL is now the second most expensive league in terms of media rights sales, beating the likes of the NBA and the Premier League. The players playing in IPL is one of the main factors of success. The rise of IPL has seen players from all over the world. Fans often argue about who is the king of IPL. In this article, we will see the best performers in the league and who will rule the IPL.

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The IPL has brought many success stories like batsmen who came from small villages becoming national icons overnight. It is difficult to know who is the king of IPL when there are so many different batsmen playing in the league. If we go by the numbers, there is only one person who tops the list and it is none other than Virat Kohli. He is the highest run scorer in the IPL and has scored 6283 runs in 207 matches at an average of 37.39. In the 2016 season, he scored 973 hits, a record that is unlikely to be broken. He got 4 years in that season.

Not known for his ability to hit sixes, Kohli’s mantra is simple, he tries to time the ball and spin. However, he reached five hundred and seventy-fifty years since his accession. He is an inspiration to many not only in India but all over the world. When asked who is the king of IPL, no one can answer differently than Virat Kohli.

The IPL is a tough tournament for bowlers as Indian pitches favor batsmen in particular. All the parks have huge crowds to watch the bowlers smoke. In this hungry feast, some bowlers have emerged from the IPL who have been good servants to their franchise with their tricks and skills. Lasith Malinga of Mumbai Indian is the best. He is a pioneer and

Who Is The King Of Cricket In Ipl