Who Is King Of Cricket? – Find out who is one of the best players in the world and why he is known as the king of world cricket now, Captain Run Machine of India Virat Kohli is the new king of cricket in the world.

The King of World Cricket ‘Virat Kohli’ has ruled all over the country and has established himself as the premier player in modern cricket. The numbers speak for the greatness of King Virat Kohli.

Who Is King Of Cricket

Who Is King Of Cricket

Kohli has been awarded the ICC Cricketer of the Decade which proves that Virat is the best cricketer of all time in world cricket.

Who Is The Cricket King?

King Virat Kohli has been breaking and breaking cricket records simply because he is also known as KING Kohli.

Virat Kohliis captain of Indian cricket team and IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore. V Kohli is considered as one of the best batsman in the world and is also known as the king of cricket.

Kohlia’s machination is a huge total in every mode of the game. In 86 matches, he scored 7240 runs at an average of 53.62 and scored 27 hundreds and 22 fifties.

In ODIs, he has scored 11867 runs in 248 matches at a best average of 59.33 and has already scored 43 hundreds and 58 half centuries. In the shortest format of the game, he averaged 50.80 after 82 games.

Virat Kohli Is Possibly The Greatest Batsman. Don Topley

The king of world cricket, Virat Kohli, is also known as the master of chasing and he has an average of 98.25 in India’s successful matches with this he has scored many 20 hundreds while chasing targets of 6 hundreds. Good God of Cricket SachinTendulkar.

Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones believes the time has come for Mahendra Singh Dhoni to call it quits and says Virat Kohli is the ‘new king of world cricket’ after he was recently named India’s Test captain.

Undoubtedly, Virat is one of the best cricketers today and with his character and strategy, he has the potential to come up with many achievements and successes in his career.

Who Is King Of Cricket

Kohli’s love for the game is what makes him the best among all other contestants and that’s why Kohli is known as the king of cricket.

Virat Kohli: From Irfan Pathan To Wasim Jaffer Cricket Fraternity Lavishes Praise On Kohli Ton:

He has shown his skills as a batsman as well as a very successful captain. He is a modern day legend and will surely go down in the record books as the greatest of all time.

Virat Kohlihas been consistent in his career, averaging over 50 in all forms of cricket. That’s why people call it ‘Run Machine’. Apart from this, he is popularly called ‘King Kohli’ because he has proved himself to be the number one in modern cricket.

If people ask you who is the king of world cricket, just say VIRAT KOHLI

So, how did a kind but carefree, brave, tough, young teenager manage to transform into a mature, bearded, and once-in-a-lifetime leader? ? Kohli’s turnaround story will indeed be a case study.

Who Is King Of Cricket?

It all started with his reckless decision to become a cricketer and always a fitter cricketer is also a better cricketer. But it doesn’t just focus on health. Kohli’s success can be attributed to his great cricketing skills.

The man is brutally honest and willing to accept flaws and always improve. He knows the gaps in his fight and works hard to close them. He is willing to listen to the advice he receives from experienced artists in his constant search for excellence.

Virat Kohli is considered as one of the best batsman in the world right now and is also known as the king of cricket.

Who Is King Of Cricket

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Virat Kohli Responds To ‘king’ Moniker: Says, ‘…but I Do Not Prefer It

He is also known as the ‘chase master’ thanks to his excellent record in the second innings in T20I and ODI cricket. Kohli’s records are unmatched compared to other current cricketers in the world. He is also tipped to break Sachin Tendulkar’s unprecedented record of 100 international centuries.

Virat Kohli has accumulated 72 tons in his famous international career. He hit 44 ODI, 27 Test and 1 T20I centuries. His daughter’s centenary in the short format of the game came only in 2022 against Afghanistan in the remaining rubber match of the Asia Cup. Since then, he regained his lost form and also played a memorable knock in the T20 World Cup in Australia.

His unbeaten knock of 82 off 53 balls against Pakistan was rated as one of the best in T20 World Cup history, especially in the Chase. Undoubtedly, Virat Kohli can be proved to be the answer to who is the current king of cricket.

Who is the King of Cricket? This question came when many started calling Babar Azam the same. The current Pakistan captain has been in excellent form for the past few years. However, when it comes to Virat Kohli, Babar has a long way to go. Despite his power and presence in his hands, Babar Azam has to be as fit as Virat Kohli once was at the peak of his career.

King Of Cricket:

So in Virat Kohli’s international career, he made his ODI debut in Sri Lanka in 2008 but it wasn’t until 2010 before he played for India in T20Is. Also, Kohli made his Test debut in 2011 at Kingston in June.

The man enjoyed a brilliant run in ODI cricket after playing 265 matches in the format. He has accumulated 12471 runs at an amazing average of 57.47 and a strike rate of 93.01. Modern style, on his way to becoming one of the greatest of all time, Virat Kohli has 44 centuries and 64 half centuries to his name in ODI cricket.

When it comes to T20Is, Kohli’s consistency shines through. He averages 52.73 after featuring in 115 T20Is for India and has scored 4008 runs in the format so far. He scored a solo ton and 37 fifties in the short format with a strike rate of 137.96 also commendable.

Who Is King Of Cricket

Now comes Virat Kohli’s favorite format, Tests. He always gave first priority to the longest format of the game and led India well for a long time before he left in 2022 after the tour of South Africa. As far as his Test career is concerned, Kohli has played 104 matches amassing 8119 runs at an average of 48.90. His recent defeats on the Bangladesh tour led to his total dropping below 50.

Srh Vs Rcb Highlights Ipl 2023. King Kohli Powers Bangalore To A Big Win!

Kohli has hit 27 centuries in the Test format to go with 28 in his fifties and will be keen to improve his tally even more in the coming years.

In India, it might be Kohli, but who in the rest of the world? Is there really another king in this game? Virat Kohli has won the battle with Babar Azam. But then, who is the King of World Cricket? This is another burning question. This is when many other contenders such as Steve Smith, Kane Williamson and Joe Root emerged. Well, even then Virat Kohli has the answer to the question of who is the King of World Cricket.

Steve Smith is undoubtedly the best in Tests with a best average of 60.58 in 91 Test matches. He has scored up to 8543 runs with 29 centuries and 37 centuries. However, when it comes to ODI and T20Is, the man does not have one perfect shot. Perhaps, Australia has even picked the playing XI in the shortest formats while one can say that Smith is still a force to be reckoned with in ODIs.

Same is the case with former England captain Joe Root. He has dominated the game of cricket for the past two decades or so. Overall, he has 28 centuries to his name in Tests to go with 55 fifties after playing 127 matches in the format. He has accumulated 10629 runs and is on his way to becoming one of the best in the format. However, he last played in a T20I back in 2019 and hasn’t played an ODI since July 2022. Although Root is still one of the best in ODIs, he is nowhere near Virat Kohli in T20Is. Same is the case with Kane Williamson though he is one of a kind

King Is Back’. Cricketers Hail Kohli Masterclass

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