Sports Women Cricket – NEW DELHI, June 8 (PTI) One of the best women’s cricketers, Mithali Raj, announced on Wednesday that she is retiring from all forms of international cricket, having contributed so much to popularizing the women’s game over the past 23 years. – Long career.

This trailblazer ended her own illustrious career with her record-breaking 7,805 runs in 232 ODIs.

Sports Women Cricket

Sports Women Cricket

Overall, she is the leading scorer in the format of women’s cricket with 10,868 runs.

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The 39-year-old has played in 89 T20 international matches and despite playing just 12 Tests during her long career she has scored doubles and remains the only female cricketer from India .

He retired from the T20 format in 2019 and his decision to stop playing all formats was expected after India’s overwhelming ODI World Cup in March. He captained the team at ICC mega events.

Mithali wrote in her statement on Twitter, “As a young girl, I started wearing Indian blues because representing my country is my greatest honor. The journey has been full of highs and lows.”

“Each event has taught me something unique and the past 23 years have been some of the most fulfilling, challenging and enjoyable of my life. Like all journeys, this one must come to an end. Today is the day I retire from all forms of international cricket. ” The Rajasthani cricketer has attained legendary status for his exploits with the bat over 20 years.

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When she made her debut in India in 1999, her women’s cricket was a marginalized sport, but now it has become her career choice, with millions of girls wanting to be like her.

“Every time I went out on the pitch, I did my best to help India win. I will always cherish the opportunity to represent the tricolor flag,” he wrote in her statement.

“I think this is the perfect time to end my career as the team is in the hands of very talented young players and the future of Indian cricket is bright.

Sports Women Cricket

“It has been an honor to lead the team for so many years. It has definitely made me a person and I hope to help shape Indian women’s cricket.” He said that he is tempted by her for another trip because she loves to be in the game.

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“I love and contribute to the growth of women’s cricket in India and around the world. Thank you all fans for your love and support.” Mithali has played in 6 ODI World Cups and holds the scoring record for 7 consecutive years.

She is the only Indian captain to lead India to two World Cup finals (2005 and 2017). Her team’s performance in 2017 was a huge boost to the women’s game.

However, a fairy tale ending eluded him five years later in New Zealand, where India were eliminated early from the tournament after an inconsistent campaign.

#Test Match #Women’s Cricket Team #Mitali Raj Retirement #Mitali Raj #Sports #India Women’s Cricket Team #India Cricket #Cricket #T20 #Doubleback #WorldCup batting India’s SM Heat in a warm-up match ahead of the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup while the ball on the head. Mandhana was evaluated by the team doctor and he initially declared that he could continue but soon withdrew after another consultation.

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) reported that there was no concussion in this incident, but high-speed blows to the head in cricket are not uncommon. A few days ago, Ishan Kishan was hit in the head by a security guard while playing for the Indian men’s national team against Sri Lanka. Kishan was taken to hospital before being released, but is still under observation.

While these incidents were fortunately not fatal, a blow to the head now in sport inevitably brings back memories of Australian batsman Phil Hughes. The talented national team player died after being hit by a fast, bouncing ball during a home game in 2014, hitting just below his left ear, an area not yet protected by a standard batting helmet.

Rules have changed over the years, but bowlers are allowed to bowl a limited number of bouncers (short pitches), concussion replacement devices have been introduced, and equipment and awareness have improved. Injuries and questions remain. The recent men’s Ashes series between England and Australia also saw two players hit their heads (one can be seen in the tweet below).

Sports Women Cricket

Since Hughes’ death, the ICC has changed the safety requirements for modern helmets, representing a vast improvement over the heavy and unwieldy designs of 40 years ago. It is lightweight and deforms upon impact to absorb the ball’s energy. However, as fast and aggressive bowling is still part of the game, improvements in safety equipment must keep pace.

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Yashivan Govender works for Mantodea Tech, a global research and development company based in Bavaria, focusing primarily on Harare and software intelligence solutions. This work includes the study and monitoring of head injuries in cricket and injury prevention-related technologies such as helmets.

Govender believes there is an urgent need to improve head protection techniques in cricket, not only because of recent events, but also because current helmets give players a false sense of security.

“Players often limit their defense by taking their eyes off the ball when making short shots, for example, and exposing areas of the head not protected by helmet shells, visors, grills or neck guards,” he explained.

“An example is ducking under a guard rather than using the bat as a defense, or turning one’s head to avoid being directly hit by a ball. In a sense, the game is enforced by reducing the chances of players losing the wicket, body blows, etc.” If you prefer the impact of the ball in .

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“Since Steven Smith’s injury in 2019, the game of cricket has barely progressed.

Govender also has ideas such as more ventilated headgear, custom-designed visors, and cost-effective solutions for single-impact helmet use, but he says affordability can often be an issue.

Safety is undoubtedly the main consideration here, but it also affects performance. With Puma’s support, Govender and his team hope to discover better technologies that make helmets “a performance device, not just protection.”

Sports Women Cricket

In December 2021, a study was published in The British Medical Journal, a peer-reviewed medical journal examining players’ behavior and performance after a helmet impact in elite cricket. Authors O’Halloran, Goggins, and Peirce found that non-concussion-inducing helmet blows had a greater effect on striking performance 3 months after impact.

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A physiologist for the Indian men’s team for 10 years, Dr. Ali Irani recalls many instances where he had to deal with a broken nose after a bullet entered the space between his goggles and helmet. Now he feels he can and will do more.

“There is room for new technologies for lighter and more productive helmets,” said Irani. “The box [the hard plastic cup that protects the groin area] is 100 years old. The helmet came out 20 years ago,” says Irani with an ironic laugh. “That says something.”

Iran is slightly out of timing. Helmets came out in the late 1970s primarily as a response to the fast and furious West Indies bowling attack. However, his position on priorities remains. Helmet evaluation or consideration is too often a matter of judgment after an accident.

Steve Turnock, CEO of equipment manufacturer County Cricket, believes the design of the ball also plays a role.

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“The best balls have always been wrapped around the little center in five layers of cork and wool. This gave the ball a bit of a ‘give’ and gave the ball a certain feel,” says Turnock.

The inside of a cricket ball has changed over the years. Top is new, bottom is old: Steve Turnock

“There used to be ball tests by British standards, but they were dropped after the original company went out of business and couldn’t find anyone to do it. Now integral centers are much cheaper to produce, but more difficult.”

Sports Women Cricket

The only ball rules in the ICC rulebook are weight and size. For the Women’s World Cup, the ball must weigh between 4.94 oz (140 g) and 5.31 oz (151 g). For the recent Men’s Twenty 20 World Cup, it ranges from 5.5oz (155.9g) to 5.75oz (163g). there is

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