Online Cricket Game – Another sport that is religiously followed in India is ‘Cricket’. The game of sports is getting an unparalleled passion in this country and the locals never miss an opportunity to turn any place into a small arena for a fast-paced game of cricket. Why did you leave your smartphones behind?

The Play Store is loaded with cricket apps that can satisfy your cricket appetite to some extent and ensure the best experience. However, most of these apps feel bad. We’ve picked a few that make the most sense and are free. Here is a list of the best cricket games that you can try on your phones:

Online Cricket Game

Online Cricket Game

Cricket World Cup 3 is one of the most powerful and best cricket game on your phone. You can play cricket in 11 tournaments between 18 different international teams, 10 domestic teams in 42 world-class stadiums and your favorite national team. It offers a realistic approach to cricket with intuitive controls, tactical commentary and multiplayer support.

Best Cricket Games Online

The app also offers more options and more game modes. You can enhance your game with many cricket shots including the famous Dil-scoop, paddle sweep, Helicopter shot and Upper-Cut. It also has 14 different bowling actions that make the fight difficult. The game offers a new career mode and you can create and manage your team. Introducing NPL 2022 with updated teams and players. The game is available for Android and iOS users.

Real Cricket 22 is a notable improvement over Real Cricket 20. It retains all the features that the previous version had, such as customizing your teams and choosing where you want to go. It offers a real cricket experience with real-time multiplayer games where you can play both local and unranked 1v1, Dream Team Challenge, Pro Series and Premier League.

It has various domestic and international matches including World Cup, RCPL 2022, World Test Championship, Asia Cup, Ashes, Master Cup and more. The game features immersive animations with the help of motion capture and over 500 new beats. It has live commentary by Akash Chopra, Danny Morrison, Sanjay Majrekar and others. It is available for Android and iOS users.

This game comes with my career mode, T20 cricket leagues and real time multiplayer batting. You can become a franchise owner in this game and manage your own team. It has variable weather conditions where play can be suspended due to rain and the winner will be decided by the Duckworth Lewis method. It can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

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Real Cricket GO is designed for the best cricket experience on low-end phones. The game has a smaller file size than Real Cricket 22 and can run on smartphones with only 512 MB of RAM. It shows international tournaments like World Cup, Asian Cup, Champions Cup and FA Cup. It is available in Android and iOS stores.

The cricket league consists of fast-paced two-a-side matches played by multiple players at stadiums in Mumbai, Dhaka, Melbourne and London. It is suitable for players who want to play a fast game. Cricket League has more than 25 unlockable characters. Cricket Mania Season Pass and Elite Pass have recently been added to the game. It is available for Android and iOS users.

In this game you play as the owner of Chennai Super Kings and select your team players. The game has unique PvE and PvP game modes, including Super Card Clashers, which is a cricket card game. Multiplayer mode supports up to 5 players in public and private workstations. It is available in Android and iOS stores.

Online Cricket Game

Epic Cricket has many cricket tournaments including Asia Cup, Cricket Champions Trophy. ODI World Cup and more. It features 20 international teams as well as over 250 realistic batting, bowling and ball animations on the field. It has a high frame rate mode with live events and a live player auction. There is commentary in both Hindi and English. The game is only available for Android users.

World Cricket Games

T20 Cricket Champions 3D is also a good app to fulfill your cricket passion. It is a full-featured game with good graphics to play in both tournaments and single format ODI or T20. In fact, the app allows you to score runs all over the park and make your balls into a strong line for the opposing team. Time is also of the essence here otherwise it will be very difficult to score driving points.

FAU-G developer nCore Games launched ICC Cricket Mobile. The game aims to provide a real cricket experience with commentators like Jatin Sapru, Ian Bishop and others. It has several game modes including a quick match and a 10-team tournament. Stadiums in Dharamshala, Lucknow and London are included and the game also features cinematic bowling and bowling. It is available for Android and iOS users.

If you want to play cricket that is easy to play in your spare time, then Stick Cricket Super League can be the easiest game for you. Another Stick Cricket game has made it to our list of various T-20 matches for the same game. Here again, you get good graphics for a fun and fast gaming session. This is a 1v1 multiplayer cricket game with different teams from around the world. It has an intense batting test where you can play wide cricket shots to win against your opponent. You need to keep improving your bowling to have a tactical advantage over your opponents. It is available on iOS and Android as well.

Gamer developer Hungama developed this game to promote the Bollywood movie MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. This exciting cricket game is built around MS Dhoni and his cricket career. It follows a story based on the real life of Dhoni. Dhoni fans will be delighted to play signature shots like Helicopter Shot, Reverse Sweep, Square Cut and Paddle Shot which are all part of the game. If you are a fan of levels, this is a must have game for you.

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Sachin Saga Cricket Champions game takes Sachin’s cricket journey. The game starts with 16-year-old Sachin Tendulkar and takes you through his brilliant career. He will play cricket matches at the stadiums played by Sachin. In this game, users can choose from One Day, Test, T20, Premier League and World Cup. Users will be able to create their dream cricket team from over 350 players. It comes with high quality graphics and motion capture animations and is available for Android and iOS users.

These are the best cricket games that you can play on your smartphone right now. Of course the list is endless in the toy store but we have selected them based on gameplay, graphics and animations.

The best part is that they are all free. Just go ahead and try it yourself. Let us know how your experience was. Also, if we missed any other cool cricket games, share your wisdom in the comments section below.

Online Cricket Game

© 2011-2022 – , all rights reserved Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | About | Our Team Contact Us Cricket is the biggest sport in India with millions of fans supporting the Indian team in every match. Cricket lovers love to engage with it in every way – be it live cricket, fun games or mobile games. Playing cricket games is a great way to enjoy an action-packed experience. Many big developers have launched great cricket games for Android mobiles and iPhones that provide real cricket experience. The list of best cricket games includes Sachin Saga Cricket, World Cricket Championship 3, Real Cricket 20 and more. These games will put you on the field to play with the best players and teams. Many cricket games are free to download and play on Android and iOS devices. Here are the best cricket games in India for Android mobile phones and iPhones:

Top 10 Mobile Cricket Games

World Cricket Cup 3 (WCC3) offers an authentic approach to cricket with intuitive controls, professional commentary and multiplayer support. The game also features real-time catching of cricketers and customizable stadiums. WCC3 features expert commentary from Matthew Hayden, Isa Guha, Akash Chopra, Abhinav Mukund and Venkatapathi Raju. The game offers a new career mode and you can create and manage your team. In anticipation of IPL 2022, World Cricket Championship 3 has introduced NPL 2022 with updated teams and players.

Sachin Cricket Champions Saga lets you play as Sachin Tendulkar, who begins his journey at the age of 16. He will play cricket matches in the same stadiums as him. The game also has modes like One Day, T20, Tests, Premier League, Domestic and World Cup. It has high graphics

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