Most Sixes In Ipl By Team 2023 – Most sixes in IPL: See here List of players and teams with most sixes in IPL history (2008 – 2023)

The Indian Premier League is a cricket tournament that follows the T20 format and is known for blistering knocks and tough batsmen. See the list of players and teams with most sixes in IPL history from 2008 to 2023.

Most Sixes In Ipl By Team 2023

Most Sixes In Ipl By Team 2023

The Indian Premier League is a professional T20 cricket championship held annually by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The IPL is a short-format cricket tournament that emphasizes entertainment and aggression over the strategic and fast-paced nature of ODI or Test cricket. Dotted balls are a rare occurrence in the IPL, and most batters prefer to go for boundaries. Boundaries generate the most runs in cricket and are essential for producing exciting innings. There are two types of boundaries in cricket: Four – when the ball leaves the pitch with contact with the ground and Six – when the ball leaves the pitch in the air. The sixth is the most explosive boundary and evokes the biggest reaction from the crowd present. Fours are a safe option, but many batsmen prefer to hit sixes, even if it means risking being caught. There are few players in the IPL and in the world who have taken more sixes than fours in their career. Today we look at such players. Dive in to read the list of players and teams with most sixes in IPL history (2008-2023). Related: Highest Partnerships in IPL History (2008 – 2023) Today IPL Match 2023: CSK vs GT Most Sixes in IPL By Players Chris Gayle holds the record for most sixes in IPL history. And probably no other cricketer can match his destructive batting and even come close to holding his incredible record of 357 sixes. Rohit Sharma, who still leads the Mumbai Indians as captain, and has a few good years left in his career, is in second place with 255 sixes. AB de Villiers is in third place with 251 sixes. Position Player Sixes 1 Chris Gayle 357 2 Rohit Sharma 255 3 AB de Villiers 251 4 MS Dhoni 239 5 Virat Kohli 234 6 David Warner 226 7 Kieron Pollard 223 8 Suresh Raina 203 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 2 1 1 1 8 Amu 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 KL Rahul 168 15 Yusuf Pathan 158 16 Glenn Maxwell 158 17 Yuvraj Singh 149 18 Jos Buttler 149 19 Shikhar Dhawan 148 20 Faf du Plessis 1399 20 Faf du Plessis 23 1 Rishab 3 2 4 1 David Brendon McCum 9 1 6 Also Read: Most centuries in IPL Most Sixes by a team Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore are toe-to-toe on the list for the teams with most sixes in the Indian Premier League. Rank Teams Sixes 1 Mumbai Indians 1541 2 Royal Challengers Bangalore 1484 3 Punjab Kings 1393 4 Chennai Super Kings 1391 5 Kolkata Knight Riders 1351 6 Delhi Capitals 1214 7 Rajasthan Royals Sunrisbad 1123 Gic De 80 Sunrisbaders 3 9 Dec03 0 11 Pune Warriors India 196 12 Gujarat Titans 181 13 Rising Pune Supergiant 157 14 Gujarat Lions 155 15 Kochi Tuskers Kerala 53 Related:Highest Run Scorers in IPL (2008-2023) Most Sixes in an Innings The Universe strikes again Chris Gayl featured five times in the list of players who Most sixes have hit in a single innings. Gayle hit the record of 17 sixes in his historic 175 runs unbeaten in 2013 IPL. Rank Player Runs Balls 4s 6s Strike Rate Opposition 1 ChrisGayle(RCB) 175* 66 13 17 265.15 PW 2 Brendon McCullum(KKR) 158* 73 10 13 216.43 RCB 3 ChrisGayle(RCB) 7 06 ChrisGayle(RCB) 7 06 7 57 7 12 205.26 KXIP 5 AB de Villiers(RCB) 129* 52 10 12 248.07 Guj Lions 6 SanathJayasuriya(MI) 114* 48 9 11 237.50 CSK 7 78 237.50 CSK 7 78 237.50 CSK 8* KR 7.50 CSK 8 6 1 11 244.44 CSK 9 ChrisGayle(KXIP) 104* 63 1 11 165.07 SRH 10 AdamGilchrist(DEC) 109* 47 9 10 231.91 MI 11 RR4 2.91.91 MI 11 165.027 ShreyasI 31 027 ShreyasI 31 027 ShreyasI 31 2.50 KKR 13 KieronPollard (MI ) 83 31 3 10 267.74 KXIP 14 Quintonde Kock(LSG) 140* 70 10 10 200.00 KKR 15 Michael Hussey (CSK) Also: 541X16 Reader Centuries in IPL (2008-2023) Most IP. He hit 59 sixes in the 2013 IPL season. Gayle’s West Indies teammate and KKR all-rounder Andre Russell, also known as Russell Muscles, came close to breaking Gayle’s record in 2019 after hitting 52 sixes. English batsman Jos Buttler is another addition to the list, thanks to his four centuries in the 2022 IPL. Buttler hits 45 sixes. Rank Player Six IPL Year 1 ChrisGayle(RCB) 59 2012 2 Andre Russell (KKR) 52 2019 3 ChrisGayle(RCB) 51 2013 4 Jos Buttler (RR) 45 2022 5 Chris Gayle (RCB) 44 201 Winners List List ( 2023)

Most Sixes In Ipl Year Wise: Total Sixes And Longest Hits Of Every Season Of Indian Premier League

Chris Gayle has hit the most sixes in IPL history. In his long career, Gayle hit 357 sixes.

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This website uses cookies or similar technologies to improve your browsing experience and provide personalized recommendations. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Accept In Indian Premier League boundaries are important to win matches. Teams use different tactics to win games; some wait for the death overs to explode, while others just start hitting the balls straight away. Let’s see the list of most sixes in IPL history by a batsman, most sixes in a match, and most sixes in IPL by a team.

Christopher Henry Gayle dominated the tally of most sixes in IPL History. He smashed an impressive 404 sixes in just 141 innings. Chris Gayle has been part of the IPL since 2009 after missing the inaugural season due to a groin injury. He was part of Kolkata Knight Riders in the early seasons of the IPL before joining Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2011. In 2018, Kings XI Punjab bought Chris Gayle.

Players To Hit Most Sixes In Ipl 2023 Feat. Glenn Maxwell And Faf Du Plessis

Here we present the list of most sixes in a match by a batsman. Chris Gayle also dominates the list here. He is on the list four times the most of any player. In his blitz against Pune Supergiants, Gayle got the first place. He hit 17 sixes in that innings and finished with a strike of 265.15. Great isn’t it?

If we see which team has smashed the most sixes in the IPL, Mumbai Indians have grabbed the first spot. MI has 1408 sixes in 231 matches, averaging 6.07 sixes per match.

Jos Butler topped the list of Most Sixes in IPL 2022. He smashed a total of 45 sixes in 17 innings of 17 matches. He was followed by Liam Livingstone who hit 34 sixes in 14 matches.

Most Sixes In Ipl By Team 2023

I have been a Cricket fan since I watched the 2002 NatWest Series Final on television. Memories of Dada’s celebration, Zaheer’s winning run, and Kaif’s extraordinary innings are still vivid. I played sports growing up, and I still do from time to time. I also enjoy it on the web or television. My passion for the game inspired me to write about it and I have been doing it since 2019. I hope readers will use my articles as a platform to discuss this beautiful sport we call “Cricket”. The practice of six-hitting has arrived. long way From dancing off the pitch and hitting the ground for a six, modern players have found different ways to hit balls off the ground. The switch hit, the hook shots, and everything else that is part of the 360-degree notebook players of shots make the bowler think twice before bowling each line.

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Especially in T20s and especially in the IPL, where world-class power-hitters participate, sixes come in larger numbers. With the new addition of the impact player rule in the 2023 edition, the tournament saw batsmen play freely with an extra batter on the side; thus, the scoring rates increased, which means that the number of six increased.

Chris Gayle, in 2012 hit 59 sixes, the record for most sixes in an IPL season. We will have to wait and see if any of the players mentioned above break this record this season.

The Orange Cap holder in the 2022 season hit 45 sixes in that season. He is already on the shortlist for this year’s Orange Cap and will be looking to top the charts this year as well.

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