Most Expensive Cricket Bat – Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the world, especially in India. It is interesting to watch this game, but the cricket gear and equipment is even more interesting. Batsmen use a wide range of cricket equipment including helmets, gloves and most importantly the bat. With so many varieties and styles of cricket bats, choosing the right one can be difficult. Also, when choosing a bit, there are other important elements to consider, such as wood species, handle, length and base.

The SG Sunny Legend English Willow cricket bat is made from the finest slotted English willow in the world. Used by Indian batsman Cheteshwar Pujara. This SG cricket bat has a full back profile with a very light concave profile. This racket has a full back profile; normally the weight of this bat is higher, but thanks to SG Cricket’s experience, SG designs a light and balanced bat that players feel. The bat edge profile is around 39-41mm. Price: INR 55,000.

Most Expensive Cricket Bat

Most Expensive Cricket Bat

The SG Players Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is an English Willow Bat with an original design and finely balanced shape, offering the highest possible quality and performance. Used by Hardik Pandya, a T20 wagon. English Willow This bat is made from world class A grade English willow and has 8-12 flawless grains. The SG Players Edition is designed to take advantage of optimized weight distribution, giving players the confidence to attack quickly. Price: INR 48,500.

Here’s The Story Of Ms Dhoni’s “the Most Expensive Cricket Bat “

The Ceat Hitman Rohit Sharma Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is selected from among the world’s best Grade 1 English Willows and has a traditional shape for superior hitting. The Singapore rod comes with a handle with a special three-sided cork insert between the strands for increased flexibility and cushioning. The thickness of its edges is 39-40 mm, the weight is 1180-1200 grams. Price: INR 45,000-52,000.

MRF manufactures this bat with a unique technology, in the size of the last bat but in a traditional shape. Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli, India’s two leading players, use it. Sweet spot and weight are carefully maintained for longer life. The weight of this bat is regulated by human effort, which is remarkable in itself. It weighs between 1180g and 1250g which is normal for a professional cricket bat. Price: INR 55,000.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former Indian cricketer and World Cup winning captain, uses a Spartan MSD 7. The Spartan Limited Edition cricket bat is made from premium English willow and features a traditional bat profile. It has a big wicked edge profile from the bat shoulder to the bat toe area. An MSD Limited Edition cricket is powerful for powerful hits thanks to its huge blade. Nine rod grips and multiple grips provide excellent bat control. Price: INR 49,000.

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Choosing The Right Equipment. Cricket Bats — The Inside Story

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Exclusive DNA | Jungle Power, Legacy of Corruption, 1 Million Jobs: Why Prime Minister Nitish in 2024 is easier said than done. Donald Bradman’s bat was sold for INR 1,90,00,000 at auction in December 2021, making it the most expensive bat ever. in the history of cricket.

When a famous player hits exceptionally well in a big game or plays a memorable innings, the used bat becomes highly desirable to fans, collectors and investors.

Most Expensive Cricket Bat

Thus, whenever these sacred pieces of willow are put up for sale or auction, they attract a lot of interest and a high price.

English Willow Cricket Bats Under 3000: Awesome Options Available Online

From the legendary Donald Bradman bat in the 1934 Ashes series to the MS Dhoni bat in the 2011 World Cup, with which he hit ‘six winners’, here are the most expensive cricketers in the history of the sport.

Considered one of the sport’s greatest batsmen, Don Bradman was instrumental in his team’s 2-1 Ashes series victory in 1934.

Bradman scored a triple century (304) and a double ton (244) in the fourth and fifth matches of the series respectively. He also used the same bat in his 451-run partnership with Bill Ponsford in the fifth Test to record one of the greatest partnerships in the history of Test cricket.

The blade was sold to a private buyer in an online auction in December 2021 for INR 1,90,000,000.

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In fact, the piece of willow bears Bradman’s signature, along with a comment that reads: “This is the bat I scored 304 at Leeds and 244 at the Oval against England in 1934.”

THE MRS. Dhoni, India’s 2011 World Cup captain, scored six points in the final as India won the coveted trophy for the second time in the competition’s history.

Due to the many emotions associated with this moment, the bat was destined to fetch a lot of money when it was auctioned off.

Most Expensive Cricket Bat

In July 2021, the blade was sold to the investment group RK Global Share and Securities Ltd. It costs INR 72,000,000 at MS Dhoni’s East Meets West Charity Dinner in London, making it one of the most expensive. the bats

This Is The Most Expensive Bat In The History Of Cricket, M.s. Have A Special Connection With Dhoni

The West Indian batsman became the first player to hit six sixes in the 1968 County Championship match against Nottinghamshire’s Glamorgan when he was successful.

The blade used to clean bowler Malcolm Nash was auctioned in 2000 for Rs 36,89,476.

In 1958, in the third Test of Pakistan’s West Indies tour, Harry Sobers played a marathon 365*, a record for the highest individual Test scores at the time. The knock also helped West Indies win the match with a huge innings lead and 174 runs.

The bat he played was sold for Rs 32,28,300 to an unnamed buyer at an auction in 2000.

Choosing The Right Cricket Bat For You

The bat, signed by the entire team, went under the hammer in a non-fungible token (NFT) auction in December 2021 in Dubai, where it was sold for INR 18,76,000.

The MS Dhoni-led side beat Sri Lanka in the final to clinch their second 50-over world title and first in 28 years.

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Most Expensive Cricket Bat

The 2023 Freyer Women’s One Day Championship kicks off in Chennai on July 1 – watch live in India. There are interesting features of cricket bats rather than players warming up the ball rather than choosing a new bat or getting better bats every year. After watching the best cricket players, you might be wondering what it means to use classic equipment in the game.

Premium Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat By Kashmirica

If you are looking for the best cricket bats in India, the following list will be helpful.

This is a great bat and it is expensive so it is suitable for people on a big budget. The bat is worth the money spent and is good for both competitive play and practice. It is good for tournaments as its edges are concave for better control and more punching power.

This racket is made of high quality materials, so its price is high. One is good for tournaments and training. The bat is designed for stability and increased power.

It is one of the best racquets made of quality cashmere, so it is light and strong. The handle of the racket is made of high quality material with a triple spring for a good grip. This gives the bat great tenderness and softness. Therefore, in addition to improving the appearance, it increases the way and the speed with which the player moves the bat across the field. DSC Scorer is smooth and accurate at high speed for every shot.

Protos Cricket Bats Range 2022

The LYCAN Stunner is lighter than any other willow or wood bat. The wide edge and thick blade of this bat is suitable for aggressive cricketers to hit all shots outside the stadium. Consider the features of this product.

This is the best cricket bat for beginners. They are reasonably priced and can be afforded by any interested cricketer. It is the best bat in this list in terms of affordability. However, a bit more expensive is a better option if you expect more durability.

They are expensive, but worth the money. They have the best for professional players. This racket case comes with an adjustable strap. This is a SG cricket available for cricket lovers. This is a high quality Kashmir Willow cricket that will help you hit.

Most Expensive Cricket Bat

In addition to being light and strong, these bats are cheaper. They are usually shorter and are only used for playing light tennis balls. They are suitable for children between the ages of 8 and 15.

Ss Gunther Player Edition Cricket Bat [set Of 2]

This is a good cricket

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