Mahadev Cricket Bet 9 – According to the authorities, the corporate accounts appear to be linked to shell companies, which are used to transfer or launder money obtained in illegal online gaming applications to secure offshore locations in the Middle East.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has started probing the bank transactions of online gaming application ‘Mahadev’ where transactions of Rs 5,000 crore are said to have taken place, officials said.

Mahadev Cricket Bet 9

Mahadev Cricket Bet 9

Information requested under section 54 of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) 2002 (representative image)

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In an investigation into money laundering through the app, the ED, in a letter dated December 9 to Chhattisgarh Durg police, sought details of the case from the Station House Officer (SHO) of Spila police station.

A letter written by Assistant Director (ED) Mukesh Kumar to Spila SHO said, “In this regard, a copy of the FIR/charge sheet should be provided along with the details of the bank accounts searched. operations .in the ‘Public Gambling Act’.

In the crackdown on betting applications, the Chhattisgarh police have arrested more than 250 people, mainly from Durg, Raipur and Bilaspur, including more than a dozen kingpins, in the last three months, according to state police officers. .

According to the police, the arrested accused were said to be operating centers in the state to encourage people to bet online through the gambling application ‘Mahadev’.

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“ED has sought all the details under PMLA sections which means the case has been registered. ED will focus on more than 50 corporate accounts linked to gambling applications,” said a source. senior Durga police officer.

According to authorities, it appears that the corporate accounts are linked to shell companies, which are used to transfer or launder money obtained through illegal online gaming applications to secure offshore locations in the Middle East. .

“These activities attract the stringent provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) as well as the PMLA,” the official added.

Mahadev Cricket Bet 9

Earlier, the police estimated that transactions worth Rs 5,000 crore were made across the country last year through the ‘Mahadev Gaming App’, which mainly operates from Chhattisgarh.

Mahadev Cricket Bet 9

According to them, the gaming app operates from more than 30 centers across India and more than $200 million transactions are done from each center.

ED estimates that close to one million people have actively placed rust on the ‘Mahadev App’ in the past year. “Most of these bets range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 and are aimed at middle class and lower middle class families.” The officials said.

According to the police, the operators of Mahadev’s app got money deposited in savings bank accounts using forged documents and then immediately transferred the money to their corporate accounts.

“We have zeroed the accounts of more than 50 Mahadev corporations and have details of the savings accounts of nearly 10,000 people used for betting,” the police said.

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Police said Mahadev’s app infrastructure was run from Dubai, where betting is legal, and used to lure Indian customers. “Ed is likely to interrogate some of the main accused in the case soon and may initiate action against the Dubai app administrators,” the official added.

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Mahadev Cricket Bet 9

“What is the cash flow?” “It needs about Rs. 20 crores in the last two months. “Apart from your panel, how many panels do you think there are across the country?” “It needs about 400.”

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The above is a conversation between Durga S.P. Abhishek Pallav and an employee of Mahadev Betting App, after the police raided their office in Chandigarh in October 2022. Gambling is prohibited under the Public Gambling Act of 1867, but the law does not apply to online betting. Creating a product that promises to make people rich quickly is nothing new. Get-rich-quick schemes have been around for centuries, with new variations popping up all the time. The basic idea is always the same: find a way to earn money without working.

The Internet has enabled online betting to reach a large audience. Apps like Dream11 and MPL position themselves as fantasy gaming apps where users create fictional teams to bet money on. But Mahadev book allows you to bet on live cricket matches. One can bet on the outcome of the ball, over, toss, match etc. Mahadev Kitab app is not available on Play Store or App Store. In fact, Mahadev’s book does not have a web app. It only has a landing page and a WhatsApp number.

Betting promises quick money, and human desires fall prey to it. I am not a reporter; So I’m not really interested in finding a racket, but as a researcher, I’m interested in knowing how these betting apps gain the trust of Indians to convince them to spend their savings earnings. I went down the rabbit hole to decode their marketing tactics, which is a sneak peek into two important human characteristics: desire and trust.

In this post, I will discuss two online betting apps, Mahadev Book and Reddy Anna. Before I dive into their marketing tactics, here is how you can access online betting apps like Mahadev Kitab/Reddy Anna.

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I started chatting on Ready Anna Betting App’s WhatsApp number to experience the flow first hand. Below are some screenshots of the conversation.

Local influencers in India have huge followings. They get millions of eyes every day. But these influencers hardly make money through their content, especially those who create content in the entertainment category. A recent report by Clary Capital says that most of them earn only Rs 16,000 per month. Good brands only target influencers who capture English-speaking populations or those with high disposable income—local influencers, despite having large followings, struggle to monetize their followers. Betting apps tap local influencers to promote their website, and their followers, in turn, fall prey to marketing. The narratives in these ads are usually around getting rich or improving their lifestyle.

Reddy Anna, one of the online betting apps, has a thriving Instagram account with updates on upcoming live matches. What caught my eye was not the Insta grid but their story highlights. The story part read “Bollywood”, and I tapped to watch. The feature is a collection of videos of Bollywood celebrities like Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Aggarwal, Urushi Rotila, Sunil Shetty and many more who have endorsed the website.

Mahadev Cricket Bet 9

Interestingly, these videos are not high-quality advertisements but loud recordings of themselves talking about the brand. The videos clearly show the actors reading the script out loud without any preparation. In some cases, they are the only ones holding their selfie cameras and talking. Login Mahadev

How do you show customer love when you build a SAAS product? Appreciation ceremony? But Reddy Anna app uses WhatsApp screenshots to gain trust and authenticity. The Instagram story is full of WhatsApp screenshots of customers withdrawing their winnings. We train our brains to believe that WhatsApp screenshots are real because they are one of the closest sources of truth compared to showing quotes as testimonials on websites.

The landing page of the Reddy Anna app shows the logos of Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe and UPI indicating that the betting money can be transferred through any of them. But the message is ambiguous and can be perceived as an association with the brand of the app, which is not true.

Reddy Anna app has two Telegram channels. The main channel deals with betting, with almost 36K+ members. But the group is closed, and only the best can respond. The feed is filled with only positive messages praising the app from the best group of people. The channel seems to be a joint effort of the staff to gain the confidence of newbies who are starting their betting journey. The second group is the Reddy Anna screenshot group, where win and exit screenshots are shared. This group has 76K+ members.

When I joined the Telegram channel, I was flooded with DMs from different betting apps asking me if I wanted an ID.

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The messages on the main channel are typed in different regional languages ​​to have a real connection and all in praise of Reddy’s grandmother. I did a google translate to gather more context.

As product developers, we optimize the onboarding steps for the user. Sometimes we get so involved in the problem that we just miss the more important issue of the user’s intention to use the app. The example above is an interesting case study to show that when there is a high intention to use an app, the

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