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Ollie Robinson wins Man of the Match! He said it was very special and he dreamed about it as a child. He said he enjoyed bowling here and used the conditions well and it was special to get a 5-fer in England’s win. Anderson said it was an honor to play with him and that he continues to learn from Jimmy. It was good to get Kohli’s wicket, he also hit a couple of boundaries. Also, the plan is like Kohli, bowl in the outside channel, take it and hope he picks one. Share that he is good and that it is good to rest between the second test and the third test.

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Www.live Cricket Score.com

India’s wicketkeeper Virat Kohli, basically, it came down to scoreboard pressure and he always resisted it for 78. He knew it was hard but on the 3rd day he did well and said he got it. A leading partnership set them up, but pressure from England’s runners troubled them on Day 4. In the first innings, the pitch shown by England’s openers was good for batting, he said. He said the pressure was constant and it was a combination of bad attitude from the batsmen and judgments of England’s quality bowling performance. Laughed and said he had no regrets about the throw and thought the pitchers should have made better decisions and he didn’t lose money in this game. Regarding India’s batting depth, Kohli replied that the top order should do enough to step up the lower order. As a group of batsmen, they need to be confident and don’t need their lower order to get them out of tough positions every time. Said that the surface and forecasts need to be evaluated before deciding the XI in the next match but at the same time stressed that the template of playing with 4 fast bowlers is working. They are confident and they have bounced back many times before and they take great pride in trying to correct their mistakes.

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At the same time, this Test series is now interesting. India scored heavily against the hosts but England responded with a win. One thing is certain though, the voltage doesn’t stay in one corner, it keeps oscillating. How will India react to this huge loss? Join us for the 4th Test starting September 2 at The Oval to find out. The action starts at 11am local (10am GMT) but you can join us earlier for the build-up. Congratulations!

England captain Joe Root said it was a clinical performance from the bowlers and they built the pressure early and they had a good chance to step up from the start. He knows he has the ability to perform like this and he just needs consistency and congratulated his opener for his place in the first innings. He hung in there and thought he could get results with the second new ball on Day 4. On Anderson, Root said he was a fantastic example to the rest of the bowling group and it was great to continue to perform as he did. Joe at Malan said he plays well and looks fluent when gone and it’s good to see him play well. As a batter, you have to be ready to step out and score runs whenever you want. I hope that it is special to have 100 coming in their hometown and share it and take it forward. On Robinson, Root replied that he was exceptional and hoped his form would continue for a while. Although Curran did not perform at his best in this series, it was felt that he was a talented player. Add that Curran made a late impact with the ball in the first innings. On Buttler’s availability for the last two Tests due to paternity leave, Root said he would find out in the next few days. In the crowd, he said he always gets a good reception and thanks all the fans for their support.

You don’t win most Test matches after being bowled in the first two overs of a Test match. India suffered such a fate on the 1st and to add to their misery, the wily British skipper opted to return to form. Haseeb Hameed and Rory Burns closed the door on India by scoring centuries and then David Malan and Joe Root extended England’s reign. India’s bowling was successful and when the hosts scored 354 runs, the writing was on the wall for India.

India fought bravely on day 3. Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli raised their hands and instilled hope in the Indian camp. A huge deficit has been reduced to 139 with 8 wickets in hand and all eyes are on Pujara and Kohli this morning. England had the advantage of running with the second new ball and the pair of Olly Robinson and James Anderson struck. With 8 wickets falling in a single over (7 in 54 minutes), the woes of India’s batting were once again revealed in this match.

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In this test series, England has put a lag. They tied it 1-1 and set it up for the best of two last games. England players are celebrating on the field, dancing with joy and the crowd is loving it. After the height of the Lord’s Test, the Indian plane crashed. A cricketer of great stature.

Craig Overton with Mohammad Siraj, out! Edge and Catch! It does it all! There is a game. It did not take long for England to finish the match on the morning of the 4th. A good performance by England and Overton completed the proceedings. Craig Overton bowls it over a length, near the outside stump, it’s down and out of shape. Mohammed Siraj looks to block but the outside edge is pushed. Jonny Bairstow, in the second hand, dives to his right and puts it away. England win 1-1 and go to round of 76!

Craig Overton to Mohammad Siraj, Overton drops this down side leg, Siraj tries to flick but misses.

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Craig Overton with Ravindra Jadeja, out! Edge and Catch! Overton Join the party now! A good performance by him and other Indians led to a miserable retreat. Jadeja pulled back and struck India’s last shot to avoid an innings defeat. On a length by Overton, gets down close and then leaves the batter. Ravindra Jadeja looked to defend but it proved to be his undoing as the outside edge was caught. Another catch not dropped by Jos Buttler. England have a goal to spare.

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Moeen Ali to Jasprit Bumrah, Flight out, Bumrah looks to defend but the ball catches the outside edge and runs away from first slip. He needed one but Jadeja, duly sent him back.

Moeen Ali to Jasprit Bumrah, Full length touch short, around off, Bumrah takes it back to the deck.

Moeen Ali to Ravindra Jadeja, Short again, wide outside off, slapped to cover by the sweeper for one. Give the strike back to Bumrah.

Moeen Ali to Jasprit Bumrah, loopy, lands on full, spins, Bumrah goes down and sweeps it to deep half-wicket for a run.

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Craig Overton with Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR! Third in a row! Craig Overton ‘comes round the wicket and bowls a short ball, gives it width outside off, Jadeja waits for the ball to come back and then hits it past the swimmers. India trailed by 78 runs and England needed two more wickets.

Craig Overton with Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR! Another good shot. At this time, it is well kept. Slightly short, spins outside off, he waits for the ball to come to him and pushes this ball past the gully fielder. Jadeja wants to save India from the humiliation of an innings defeat. Can he do it?

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