List Of Cricket World Cup Winners Since 1975 – Teams with most ICC Cups: See the list of cricket teams with most ICC Cups in history

Team with most ICC trophies: Australia leads with 9 ICC trophies, followed by India and West Indies.

List Of Cricket World Cup Winners Since 1975

List Of Cricket World Cup Winners Since 1975

Cricket is one of the most watched and played sports in the world. It is not very popular in Europe or South America but it is a very popular game in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, among the most populous countries in the world. Cricket originated in England and is a popular sport in the former British Empire New Zealand and Australia. Cricket is booming, and with 2.5 billion fans worldwide, it is the second most watched sport in the world. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the world governing body for cricket and governs the game and organizes sporting events. The ICC tournament is considered the most prestigious in cricket and teams try to lift the trophy. But so far, only a few teams have managed to do so, and only a few have won more than two ICC tournaments. Today, we take a look at the list of teams with the most ICC trophies to their name. Also Read: ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Schedule, Match Updates, Teams, Stadiums, Venues, Tickets Online ICC Cricket Champions Trophy. It is considered the biggest and most important sport in the world and countries strive to win it. Only a few of the 104 member nations of the ICC with 12 full members and 92 members have enjoyed the honor of lifting the IPL trophy. You can see the complete list of most successful teams in ICC tournaments below with similar statistics Related: WTC 2023 Winners List: Check Here List of ICC World Test Championship Winners Cricket Team/Country that has Won Most ICC Trophies in ICC Tournaments 2007, 2015) 1 (2021) 1 (2021-23) 2 (2006, 2009) India 5 2 (1983, 2011) 1 (2007) 0 2 (2002, 2013) West Indies 5 2 (1975) , 2016) 0 1 (2004) Sri Lanka 3 1 (2019) 2 (2010, 2022) 0 0 Pakistan 3 1 (1992) 1 (2009) 0 1 (2017) England 3 1 (1996) 1 (2014) 0 1 This team is known for its resilience and excellence in the face of adversity. No wonder Australia won the World Cup three times in a row from 1999 to 2007. It was considered the golden age of Australian cricket and saw the rise of future Hall of Famers such as Andrew Symonds, Ricky Ponting and Adam. Gilchrist. #2 India: 5 There is no country in the world where cricket is more popular than India. Although not a national sport, cricket is a favorite sport in India and is enjoyed by everyone in the 1.4 billion strong nation. India won its first ICC tournament in 1983 (World Cup) and has won the Champions Trophy twice, the T20 World Cup and the ODI World Cup in 2011. However, India have not won the final of the ICC tournament since 2013 and will be hoping. 2023 World Cup to break the deadlock. #3 West Indies: 5 West Indies is another group that loves cricket like Argentina loves football. West Indies won back-to-back World Cups in 1975 and 1979. They also won the 2012 and 2016 T20 World Cups. Related: India’s Most Successful Cricket Manager Top Team in ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC World Cup Recap: Top 5 Highest Run Scorers In World Cup History

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This site uses cookies or other similar technologies to improve your browsing experience and provide you with recommendations. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our privacy and cookie policy. AcceptCricket is a game that is loved by billionaires all over the world and Cricket World Cup is a major event organized every four years by ICC, the governing body of cricket. In this blog, we will see the list of ODI Cricket World Cup Winners.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was held in England and Wales. Hosts England won the Cricket World Cup for the first time as champions. Under the captaincy of Eoin Morgan, the England team showed their dominance in the tournament with their aggressive batting, strong bowling and exceptional fielding.

The final at Lord’s Cricket Ground was a thrilling encounter with New Zealand going down to the wire. The match ended in a one-run tie, resulting in a super over, which England won on the boundary count rule.

Most Cricket World Cup Final Losses List Since 1975

The highest scorer is India’s Rohit Sharma, who scored 648 runs with five centuries. Australia’s Mitchell Starc, meanwhile, led the bowling with 27 wickets. Kane Williamson won the player of the tournament award for 578 runs at 82.57 and two wickets.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 was held in Australia and New Zealand from 14 February to 29 March. Fourteen countries participated in the event, which consisted of a series of round-robin matches followed by knock-out matches.

Australia debuted as ODI World Cup champions and won the title for the fifth time. Australia team led by Michael Clarke performed well throughout the match. Their strong batting line-up, including the explosive David Warner and the talented Steve Smith, lit the fire. Mitchell Strack was outstanding with the ball and won the player of the tournament award for it.

List Of Cricket World Cup Winners Since 1975

I have been a cricket fan since watching the 2002 Natwest series final on TV. Memories of Dada’s celebrations, Zaheer’s winning streak and Kaif’s brilliant innings are still vivid. I played this game growing up and still do from time to time. I also like it online or on TV. My passion for the game inspired me to write about it and I have been doing so since 2019. I hope readers will use my articles as a platform to talk about this beautiful game we call “Cricket”. List of ODI Cricket World cup winners from 1975 to 2023 is a very good record in cricket world. The ICC Cricket World Cup is an ODI tournament held every four years in different continents. It is considered as one of the most watched sports in the world. The top eight teams in the ICC ODI rankings qualify for the tournament, with the others fighting for the remaining two spots. 10 teams are participating in the tournament. However, the number of participants varies from time to time as per ICC rules. With 12 World Cups played so far, Australia has won the title 5 times and India and West Indies are the two winners. England have participated in 5 tournaments which is the most of any country. Where Asian teams have participated three times together (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). West Indies did just once. Australia and New Zealand have jointly done so twice.

India Cricket World Cup Winners List

England participates in the Cricket World Cup. 8 teams participated in the first edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup. The eight teams were England, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, England, Sri Lanka and East Africa. The total number of matches was 15. West Indies won the first edition of the World Cup in 1975 and entered the list of Cricket World Cup winners. Australia won the first World Cup. It was a 60 over World Cup. West Indies captain Clive Lloyd is the first captain to win the World Cup. New Zealand’s Glenn Turner is the tournament’s top wicket-taker (333), while Australia’s Gary Gilmour is the top bowler with 11 wickets. The match was played with a red ball.

England is hosting this tournament for the second time. Total number of participants was 8. As before, every team participated except Canada was the new team to play for East Africa. A total of 8 teams played 15 matches in the tournament. West Indies won the title for the second time under Clive Lloyd and became the first manager to win the World Cup twice. At this time England was last. Gordon Greenidge from the West Indies was the highest scorer in the tournament (253), and British bowler Mike Hendrick was the top scorer with 10 wickets.

Home country England for the third time in a row. During the event, 8 teams played a total of 27 matches. Zimbabwe was the new team to play in the World Cup in Canada, all other teams remained the same. In this new version, the world has found out