Karnataka Institute of Cricket – Talented young cricketers demand the best. You don’t have to look far for incredible facilities in Karnataka.

KIOC is a busy place, running five sessions a day. The state’s senior cricketers regularly use the facility for specific training sessions. Meanwhile, group sessions and individual coaching continue throughout the day and into the night under the lights.

Karnataka Institute Of Cricket

Karnataka Institute Of Cricket

All training programs are carefully designed for elite performance. The latest monitoring and evaluation tools are available, including ball tracking and video analysis, and six bowling machines.

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In addition, fitness trainers, physiotherapist and passionate coaching staff offer the best experience for any student who wants to be a cricketer.

Jain University has a pedigree of producing great cricketers: Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey and Varun Aaron are just a few examples. Exceptional talents emerge as winning performers.

Given the equipment, this is no surprise. The university has an international standard cricket pitch with five lanes of turf wickets. There are also ten practice courts. Jain University is the first university in India to deploy a cutting-edge version of PV/ONE ball tracking and video analytics at a cricket academy.

Anand Kardi, Head Coach, is on a mission to provide the best coaching facilities. He deployed to provide elite level cricket analysis to his players. It is able to provide immediate performance feedback and uses PV/ONE to enhance the performance of players in the academy.

Karnataka Institute of Cricket in Dhanavanetri Road, Egypt

If you are a talented cricketer, take the time to learn about these academies and improve your game with the latest technology and world-class coaching.

Broadcast your cricket matches! Have you ever wanted to show your skills to the world? PV/MATCH is a revolutionary product for cricket clubs and schools to stream matches, instantly upload HD highlights to Twitter and Facebook and make you a hero! PV/MATCH allows you to score a game, record a video of each ball, share it and use the results for training and further improvement. Click here for details. Indian women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj and Veda Krishnamurthy with other cricketers and coach Irfan at the inauguration of the new Karnataka Institute of Cricket campus in Bengaluru on Sunday.

The Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC), which has produced several international and national stars over the years, is all set for a fresh start. The academy’s sprawling new campus at the RBANMS Ground was inaugurated on Sunday with much fanfare.

Karnataka Institute Of Cricket

The facility boasts indoor nets, 32 outdoor nets, field practice areas, consultation rooms, a gym and more. A host of cricketers who have honed their skills at KIOC including Indian women’s captain Mithali Raj, Veda Krishnamurthy, Robin Uthappa, C.M. Gautam, Nooshin Al Khadeer, Karuna Jain and V.R. Vanitha, graced the event. Karnataka Cricket Association Assistant Secretary (Cricket) Santosh Menon was also present.

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“Irfan Sait (KIOC director) has always been a big supporter of women’s cricket. Whenever I am in Bengaluru, I train here,” said Mithali.

Former Indian international Mamatha Maben said, “When I started playing cricket, I attended a different academy. But I only got to bat once a week, and that was after the boys had finished practice. Then I decided to move to KIOC, where they welcomed me. Then my career took off.”

Uthappa addressed a large audience of eager children. “I want you to make the most of this facility. Believe in yourself, work hard and never let people who doubt your ambition discourage you,” he said. The Karnataka Institute Of Cricket (KIOC) has started operations at its new Cricket Coaches Campus in Ulsoor, Bangalore. The new academy was inaugurated by many cricket celebrities and KIOC students. KIOC is one of the best cricket coaching academy in Bangalore. It has recently expanded its facilities as part of increasing its strength and quality in cricket training. KIOC is the only cricket institution that operates throughout the year.

Mithali Raj inaugurated the event in the presence of Ved Krishnamurthy, Robin Uthappa, C.M. Gautam, Nooshin Al Khadeer, Karuna Jain and V.R. Vanitha and other dignitaries. Karnataka State Cricket Association Assistant Secretary (Cricket) Santosh Menon was also present at the event.

Karnataka Institute of Cricket in Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

Mithali Raj commented on the positivity and professionalism maintained by KIOC. And she promised to visit her to enjoy world class cricket coaching in future.

Irfan Sait, who is the head coach and director of KIOC, shared his old cricket memories with his brother. He came with his mother and wife.

Robin Uthappa addressed the young cricketers at the academy. Robin Uthappa advised, believe in yourself, work hard and never let people who doubt your ambition discourage you.

Karnataka Institute Of Cricket

Veda Krishnamurthy started his professional cricket career at KIOC. KIOC was not so green when it started playing cricket in KIOC. She thanked Irfan Sait for being there for her when she needed him the most. Irfan’s support is one of the factors that made her career successful.

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The new KIOC facility includes bowling machines, indoor nets, outdoor nets,  PitchVision Video Analysis System, hostel for students outside the railway station, daily yoga, physiotherapy and psychology classes, specialized trainers and many other international standard facilities.

KIOC targets cricketers at their very young age. Cricket training for kids is paramount at the academy. They target cricketers at a very young age to find talent and nurture them to become the best cricketers.

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