Ipl Media Rights – The IPL, in terms of valuation alone, is now in brackets with the best sports properties in the world, along with the National Football League (US), the National Basketball Association (US) and the English Premier League (UK).

In one of the largest broadcasting deals in cricket history, the Cricket Control Council of India (BCCI) collected the IPL’s media rights for 48,390 crore ($6.20 billion) on 14 June. 2023.

Ipl Media Rights

Ipl Media Rights

India’s most sought-after digital rights deal was delivered by Reliance-backed Viacom 18 for Rs 20,500 crore, which also included a non-exclusive C package, paying another Rs 2,991 crore.

Bcci Expect Whopping ₹45000 Cr In Ipl Media Rights Sale As Sony Sports, Disney Star, Reliance Viacom And Amazon In Fray

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Disney Star has retained its television rights in the Indian subcontinent for 23,575 crore (57.5 crore per game). The contract for packages A and B covers 410 matches over five years, of which 74 matches in 2023 and 2024 and 84 matches each in 2025 and 2026.

There was also a C package to acquire digital rights to 18 non-exclusive marquee games each season and Viacom18 made it with a successful bid of Rs 2,991.6 crore after Rs 33.24 crore per match. There are 90 matches in the package.

Bundle D, with a base price of Rs 3 crore per game and overseas TV and digital rights on offer, was sold to Viacom18 and Times Internet for over Rs 1,300 crore.

Ipl Media Rights: It’s A Deal!

“Since its inception, the IPL has been synonymous with growth and today is an important day for Indian cricket as the IPL brand hit a new record of Rs 48,390 crore through e-auction. The IPL is currently the second highest in the country. the world’s most valuable sports league by match value,” said the BCCI. Secretary Jai Shah said.

The IPL, by valuation alone, is now ranked among the National Football League (USA), National Basketball Association (USA) and English Premier League (England) among the best sports facilities in the world.

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Ipl Media Rights

The new agreement also ends the monopoly of one broadcaster. While Sony acquired the rights by paying Rs 8,200 crore for the first 10 years (2008-17), Star was purchased for the next five years at an offer price of Rs 16,347.50 crore.

Ipl Media Rights: Bcci Hits Jackpot

The IPL matching value has increased by more than 100 percent from the previous Rs 54.5 crore to over Rs 114 crore (approximately). Worldwide, the IPL per game ($14.61 million) is second only to the NFL, where each game is worth $17 million.

Disclaimer: Network18’s parent company is managed by an Independent Media Trust whose sole beneficiary is Reliance Industries. IPL Media Rights Auction 2022: Inside the auction that made the IPL the second richest sports league in the world

Disney Star has acquired the rights to broadcast IPL in the Indian subcontinent for 23,575 crore ($3.02 billion).

After the transaction was completed, the IPL became the second richest league in the world, second only to the American NFL.

Zee Gets A ‘buy’ Rating Because It Didn’t Win The Bid For Ipl Media Rights

At the 2022 IPL media rights auction, Disney Star and Viacom 18 emerged as the highest bidders for their bundles, scooping up television and digital rights respectively in the Indian subcontinent.

The entity formed after Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox acquired the IPL television broadcasting rights in the Indian subcontinent for 23,575 crore ($3.02 billion). At the same time, Reliance-owned Viacom18 acquired the digital competition rights in an auction worth 20,500 crore ($2.57 billion).

With a total value of INR 44,075 ($5.64 billion), the auctions made the IPL one of the richest sports leagues in the world.

Ipl Media Rights

According to Forbes, the American football league National Football League (NFL) ranks first on the list of the most profitable sports leagues, costing the broadcaster about $36 million per game. England’s top-flight football (soccer, to distinguish it from the NFL), the Premier League, returns around $11 million to the broadcaster. Major League Baseball costs about the same ($9.2 million per game).

Ipl Media Rights Explained: How Bidders Can Win Race To Cricket’s Biggest Broadcast Deal

A BCCI official quoted by PTI said the value of the IPL per game, from Indian TV and digital rights alone, is around INR 107.5 ($13.82 million), second only to the NFL.

Accordingly, Disney Star won Bundle 1, bidding Rs 23,575 crore. In the meantime, Viacom18 together with Uday Shankar and James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems have collected Bundle B for Rs 20,500 crore.

The base price for Cricket Board TV has been set at Rs 49 crore while the digital rights have been set at Rs 33 crore. For foreign rights, the base price is Rs 3 crore for TV and digital rights.

IPL has grown incredibly fast in terms of TV monetization over the past five years. This may be one of the reasons why BCCI did not allow all rights from one media house to be jointly bid in the 2022 IPL media rights auction.

Ipl Media Rights: Zeel Congratulates Bcci For ‘efficient And Transparent’ E Auction

The winner of Package A will compete with the winner of Package B for media rights to all four packages. Then the winner of package B will face the winner of package C and then the winner of package D. This ensures that they are not. IPL rights monopolies, two, rights generally generate more money for BCCI.

In the auction for the 2017-22 cycle, former Star India won the TV and digital rights to the sporting event for Rs 16.348 crore (US$2.55bn at the then exchange rate of INR 1 = US$0.01562; adjusted for inflation this comes to 3.02bn USD).

This means that after adjusting for inflation, the IPL earned BCCI 86.75% more money from TV and digital rights this year.

Ipl Media Rights

“After the sale of two packages, we have already reached $5.5 billion. But digital rights are huge for any Rs 50 crore contest. The 51 percent increase over the base price is remarkable,” a BCCI representative told PTI.

Ipl’s Media Rights Value Set To Soar And Digital, New Franchises Could Be Game Changers

Only two packages remain unsold at the IPL 2022 media rights auction. Bids for Package C will be accepted on Tuesday. However, bids worth around Rs 2,000 crore have already been made. Package D with rights to foreign broadcasts will also be sold soon.

When the BCCI first announced the IPL’s media rights auction in April 2022, it said that along with the winners of Disney Star and Viacom18, there would be several others seeking parts of these TV or digital rights deals.

These companies include Alphabet and Dream11, parent Amazon and Google, as well as veteran broadcasters Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) and Zee Entertainment Enterprises. However, BCCI raised the base price of television and digital television, which caused these companies to be sidelined even before the auction began.

Moreover, BCCI has introduced Package C, a non-exclusive digital rights package that includes a limited number of matches but is much cheaper. This also created another reason for these companies to withdraw.

Ipl Media Rights: Disney Star Gets Tv Deal For Rs 23,575 Crore, Viacom18 Bags Digital For Rs 20,500 Crore

However, Amazon’s reasons were more business-oriented. The American e-commerce giant has already invested USD 6 billion in India and further investments do not make sense from a business point of view.

It is worth noting that Amazon owns several other sports broadcasting licenses, including France’s Ligue 1, the country’s top soccer league. The e-commerce giant paid $825M for three seasons, or around $7.24M per game, which is nearly half the IPL per game in the 2022-27 cycle.

Amazon also has the rights to broadcast European soccer in the US, which includes the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League. He recently signed a contract with UEFA for $1 billion a year until 2033.

Ipl Media Rights

As such, Amazon’s withdrawal made financial sense, and it did. The US e-commerce giant is likely to join others to compete for international broadcast and bundle C as the two unsold bundles are significantly cheaper than broadcast rights in the Indian subcontinent.

Viacom18 Nets Digital Rights; Ipl Media Rights Touch Inr 48,390 Crore

The IPL is one of India’s most popular sporting events in the world, regularly attracting millions of spectators to each match. The latest data is not available. However, for last year’s flagship event, BCCI reported a mid-season viewership of 380 million.

Meanwhile, a number of companies are participating in the showcase event, trying to attract attention. In this year’s IPL, partner Tata became the title sponsor of 29 Indian startups, including 10 unicorns.

This year, advertisers were reported to have spent around Rs 17 lakh on a 10-second spot between matches. Since each match has approximately 2,300 seconds of ad inventory, the calculation on the back of the envelope gives total ad spend up to INR 39.1 crore per match.

Of course, prices will change in the next cycle. However, if we calculate the same cost for digital and TV ads,

Ipl Media Rights Auction: Bidding Process Begins; Disney, Zee Among Bidders

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