God Of Odi Cricket – Cricket may not be the most popular game in the world, but it resonates in the hearts and minds of billions of Indians who follow the game with passion. It is often said that cricket is a religion in India. The players are treated like demigods as they give the people of India millions of reasons to smile with their performance on the field. However, one player has always stood head and shoulders above the rest – Sachin Tendulkar is considered the god of cricket in India.

With a career spanning nearly 24 years, Tendulkar has become a fixture in the Indian game. He is perhaps the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen and has been highly regarded for his relationships throughout his career. People in India are calling him ‘God of Cricket’. However, after his retirement, his fans are wondering who is the new god of cricket. In this article, we discuss the potential options that can be considered as the new god of the cricket world.

God Of Odi Cricket

God Of Odi Cricket

Sachin has scored almost 35,000 runs worldwide and played over 450 ODIs and 200 Tests. Although it is not possible to produce statistics for players, many cricketers have had a similar impact on the game of cricket. There are many sportsmen who are called the new god of cricket by cricket fans like MS Dhoni, AB De Villiers, Virat Kohli and the name goes on…

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is The ‘god Of Cricket’

Looking at the record after Sachin, consistency and influence of all players, Virat Kohli seems to be the closest to the name of the new god of cricket in India. Kohli, who rated Tendulkar as his favorite in his formative years, is likely to break a few of Sachin’s records before being called up to the international game. As a batsman, Virat has achieved incredible heights in his career. However, his failure to win the ICC award as a captain became his only ambition as a cricketer.

Virat Kohli came on the scene with a lot of potential and many expected him to reach new heights in the game. Kohli’s ability to become the new God of cricket was evident at the U19 World Cup 2008. Even when there were many names like Rohit Sharma, Kohli managed to attract media and fans like no other. other things. His playing field is also higher. Immediately after the U-19 World Cup, Kohli played his first international ODI in August 2008. Although he struggled a few times in his youth, Kohli quickly made a name for himself. popular as the new God of cricket.

Virat Kohli is a cricketer whose rise and ability to win matches has made him a fan favorite. Kohli has scored 70 International centuries in 13 years and is the best batsman in international cricket.

His physical strength has also played a major role in his success in all three formats. He is the only player in the world who averages above 50 in all three formats. The Indian captain is currently second among batsmen in the ICC Men’s ODI rankings with over 12,000 runs to his name. During this time he has scored 43 ODI hundreds, averaging close to 60. Kohli is just 7 ODI hundreds short of equaling Sachin’s record for centuries in One Day Internationals.

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Even in Test cricket, Kohli has proved his class by scoring runs in almost everything. He may be going through the transition now, but his record speaks volumes for what he has achieved in Test cricket. Kohli has now scored 7765 Test Scores in 96 Tests at an average of 51. He has also scored more than two hundreds (7) as the captain in Test Cricket since 2016.

Even in T20s, Kohli has taken the format as one of the best players in the world. He is the leading run-scorer in T20Is with an average of more than 50. By his total score, Virat is probably the best player in the world.

It is important to look at the stats to better understand both players. In an incredible Test career spanning from 1989 to 2013, Tendulkar scored 15,921 runs in 200 matches and bowled 329 innings. His average of 53.78 in test matches is the best. Kohi’s first unbeaten run came in 2011 and since then he has racked up 8,074 runs. An average of 49.53 fell short of Tendulkar’s, but the former captain carried the burden for a significant part of his 102 Tests and 173 innings.

God Of Odi Cricket

In terms of ODI performances, the difference between Tendulkar and Kohli is not that big. This is one of the points that make Kohli the new God of cricket. In a career spanning from 1989 to 2012, Tendulkar scored 18,426 runs at an average of 44.83. This incredible feat was accomplished over 463 matches. Meanwhile, Kohli has a few more years in the game and he has already scored 12, 300+ runs from 262 matches. At an average of 57.68, Kohli has made sure ODIs are his stomping grounds. Now that the captain’s burden is off his shoulders, Kohli is expected to do better when it comes to ODIs as he tries to chase down Tendulkar’s impressive record.

Who Is A New God Of Cricket

Although Sachin was able to create new records when it came to Test and ODI matches, he fell short when the T20 format made him big. Sachin has 10 T20I runs to his name from one game. Meanwhile, Kohli has been one of the best players in this format of the game with more than 4000 runs from 115 games.

Sachin’s ability to perform consistently for long periods of time is the characteristic that sets him at the top. However, considering ODI exploits separately, Kohli’s performance goes hand in hand with the host. Virat might have a better record in runs. In the run game, he averaged 96 with 22 hundreds to his name. On the other hand, Tendulkar’s batting average is 42 with 17 tons per run. If we compare two players in ICC tournament then Master Blaster wins this tournament alone.

It is clear that Kohli is going through a lean phase to become an Indian cricketer. His last international debut came in November 2019 against Bangladesh in India’s first red-ball Test. Since then, the Indian captain has not been able to cross three figures for the Men in Blue. However, he is still contributing, but not up to his standards of late. Putting his form down on paper, Kohli can best Tendulkar’s 49 ODI tons. With a few more years of cricket left in him, he will think of some legendary names who have graced the game.

Apart from his incredible talent, one of the reasons why Tendulkar achieved the star record was his longevity in the game. Despite several injury problems that prevented him from playing regularly, Tendulkar managed to score 39 in ODIs and he extended his career to 40 in Test matches.

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At 34, there is no reason to see why Kohli, who still has six years of ODI cricket under his belt, can surpass the record. Even with a modest participation of 20 matches every year, Kohli can easily add 100 matches to his ODI days. At an average of just over 57 per match, Kohli has closed in on 18, 426 runs scored by Tendulkar. This is an entirely new story in Test cricket and Tendulkar’s 15,000 runs will remain a benchmark for many years to come. For all his great achievements in cricket, Kohli has yet to deliver significant returns in Test matches and this will go down with added importance in other forms of the game, including the IPL .

Kohli has already achieved milestones by matching the record set by Ricky Ponting, who is already considered one of the best batsmen in the world. However, if the 34-year-old wants to become the new God of Cricket, he will take it to a new level.

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God Of Odi Cricket