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According to research, racism is ‘ingrained’ in British sport, and women are treated as ‘politics’. ‘Second class citizens’ and cricket are a rare choice in public schools.

English Cricket

English Cricket

The much-awaited report released by the Independent Commission for Equality in Cricket (ICEC) on Monday details the structural inequalities prevailing in English cricket.

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From racism to class discrimination and sexism, the 317-page ‘Raise the Mirror for the Crickets’ report is based on evidence from more than 4,000 respondents since the commission’s founding in 2020.

The report goes on to say that complaints were not considered because the system was confusing and not fit for purpose.

In its first recommendation, the ICEC report called for a public apology from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for its own failure and the game it regulates.

It also calls on regulators to acknowledge that ‘Racism Sexism, elites and class discrimination exist in sport. and still exist and recognize the impact on victims of discrimination’

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Among the most prominent recommendations, the ICEC recommends equal pay for female cricketers. This is called a fundamental change.

It also pays careful attention to cricket schools. with a history of discrimination This is because top private schools and their clubs take precedence over public schools.

Priorities play a role in preventing talent from reaching their potential. Call for immediate reform and make it more qualitative, inclusive, accountable, transparent and consistent.

English Cricket

Another key recommendation is the creation of a separate governing body from the England and Wales Cricket Board.

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“The new regulator, not the ECB, should be held accountable for investigating alleged breaches of regulation. and decide whether to charge or not,” the agency added. And added that the violation should involve anti-discrimination rules.

The ECB said some reforms could ‘Quick action’, but otherwise want ‘Long-term fundamental change for cricket in England and Wales and its funding model’

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England’s cricket chief pledged on Tuesday to “reset” the game after an independent report said insufficient action had not been taken to address institutional racism and sexism in the game.

Pakistan-born bowler Azi Rafiq went public with allegations of racism and bullying related to his two spells in the English borough of Yorkshire in September 2020.

Of the more than 4,000 people interviewed for the ICEC report, 50 percent described having experienced discrimination in the past five years, a figure that is significantly higher for people from ethnically diverse countries.

English Cricket

The report found that Woane was often treated as a “second-class citizen”, as well as noting that insufficient work was being done to remove class barriers with private schools promoting cricket.

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“Our findings are clear,” ICEC President Cindy Butts said. Class, elite and sexism discrimination is pervasive and deeply rooted.

“We have to face the fact that this isn’t a joke or just slurs. There is explicit and implicit discrimination in the structures and processes within cricket.”

A total of 44 reconsiderations have been undertaken, including calls for equal pay for international players for Ale and Feeley by 2030.

According to the report, the average salary of a female player in England is slightly more than a fifth of the salary of an English player for white-ball cricket.

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“On behalf of the broad leadership of the ECB and GA, I would like to offer an unconditional apology to anyone who has ever felt abandoned or given up on cricket,” he added.

“Cricket should be a hobby for everyone. And we know this isn’t always the case.

“The report’s powerful findings also underscore that women and black people have been ignored for far too long. We are deeply sorry for that.”

English Cricket

Six former Yorkshire players convicted of using racist language in the Rafiq case were finalized by the Cricket Disciplinary Corps.

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Former England captain Eichel Vaughan acquitted of using racist language “On a probabilistic basis” after choosing to defend himself during Arch’s trial.

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There’s the greatest Test challenger Matthew Engel hasn’t mentioned (Aug. 28) ahead of the crucial Ashes series in 1926. Surrey and British star batsman Jack Hobbs. lent his name to the prophetic novel The Test Match Surprise at Headingley last week. Australia equalized first and built a lead of over 100. Then England recorded a record win of over 350. This was accomplished after much tension. Thanks to the excellent performance of Teddy Harrington (also Hobbs) playing Ben Stokes, the names of other real-life players have come to life. Slightly hidden: Sutcliffe and Holmes become Ratcliffe and Sherlock. And captain of the team in 1926, Arthur Carr of Nottinghamshire happily became the undersigned.

Based on the average of purely test matches. It is arguably England’s most all-rounder (Sporting August 27) is the one at Moeen. Ali doesn’t mention: Tony Greg, he averages 40.43 with bat and pitches at 32.20, compared to Stoke (35.86; 32.22), Botham (33.54; 28.40) and Flintov (31.77; 32.78). ) Of course there’s a lot of cricket left in Stoke.

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In addition to comments from your reader Keith Flett (Mail, 27 August) and Jeremy Corbyn’s shocking tweet bemoaning the lack of live cricket on free-to-air television. It’s interesting to note that twice as many people watched the first episode. The new Peaky Blinders series sees an interesting third test at Headingley, which is ironically themed as a test of participation by the ECB.

Cricket participation has dropped by a third in the last decade and will continue to do so as the ECB has no future plans for the test or for that matter. Any suitable cricket will be shown live on free to air television. england cricket has Condemned as ‘racist, sexist and sexist’ in reports on British cricket culture. Which found that there is discrimination in many areas, racism Sexism and powerful ‘old man’ networks have pushed many back.

England cricket’s governing body apologized for the failure to stop. “Structural and institutional racism sexism and class discrimination” in the game.

English Cricket

England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Richard Thompson said: “On behalf of the ECB and the wider leadership of the game, I would like to apologize unconditionally to anyone who has ever been neglected by cricket or felt that he is out of cricket,” in a statement.

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The ECB responded to a shocking report by the Independent Commission for Equality in Cricket (ICEC), which proposed 44 recommendations for change. These include calls for equal pay for male and female international players by 2030. According to the report, the average salary of female players in England for the shortest form of gaming is more than a fifth. a bit of the salary of a man in England

“Our findings are clear,” said ICEC President Cindy Butts. Class, elite and gender discrimination is pervasive and deeply rooted.”

“This game has to face the fact that this isn’t a joke or just disgusting. Discrimination is evident and rooted in the structures and processes within cricket.”

“Racism Class, elite and sexism discrimination is pervasive and deeply rooted. Sport has to face the fact that it’s not a joke or a bad thing.

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