Cricket Team Name Suggestions – Each of the six teams competing in the Pakistan Junior League 2022 has been given a personal experience at the start of the tournament in Lahore today.

The six sides represented in the six cricket associations are given titles such as geography, culture and heritage.

Cricket Team Name Suggestions

Cricket Team Name Suggestions

Bahawalpur Royals: Bahawalpur has a royal heritage and is considered the royal palace of southern Punjab. The Royals will aim to carry on City’s legacy by strengthening their on-field performances in the Pakistan Junior League.

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Gujranwala Giants: Home of the best wrestler known as Rustom-e-Zaman, Gujranwala has a rich sporting tradition established by the Giants during the Pakistan Junior League. Boxing has spread till today with the current generation boxing and winning medals for the country in sports competitions around the world.

Gwadar Beach: The beautiful and beautiful Gwadar Beach is considered Pakistan’s gateway to the world via the Arabian Sea. Gwadar Sharks will look to find their groove when the 19-match tournament kicks off on October 6 at the Gaddafi Stadium.

Hyderabad Hunters: The city known for its culinary delights will be a match for all the tastes that cricket has to offer. The chasers hope to remain in the hunt for the coveted title – the top-placed Pakistan Junior League.

Manly Warriors: The warriors will continue the proud tradition of the country’s warriors known for their immortality and killing qualities, two things that have resulted in all sports victories.

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Rawalpindi Riders: Rawalpindi and Potohar regions are famous for their rugged terrain and wildlife. Raiders will be ready to attack for glory in Pakistan Junior League 2022.

PCB Director Usman Waheed: “We have tried to combine the names of each of the six teams with the cities keeping in mind their own character, culture and tradition and history. Each of the six cricket associations is represented in the Pakistan Junior League and each side carries a unique flavor.

“We aim to establish the six-a-side platform to become a household name and brand among young cricketers and sports enthusiasts not only in the country but across the world.”

Cricket Team Name Suggestions

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