Cricket Stumps – Perfect for cricket clubs, schools and home use, these FORTRESS Rubber Base Cricket Stumps are an excellent alternative to traditional cricket stumps. The durable base combined with the durable PVC soles guarantees a stable and long-lasting performance. Available in Junior and Senior sizes.

An excellent choice for cricket clubs, schools and even home use. Heavy cricket stumps are ideal for cricket games where permanent stumps are not suitable. These three fully retractable bats feature these shock-resistant cricket supports, along with a set of cricket arms and a 2.8kg rubber base, giving them exceptional stability on every delivery – even in windy conditions. These indoor and outdoor cricket stumps are great for net sessions, field practice and artificial cricket pitches.

Cricket Stumps

Cricket Stumps

As with all our FORTRESS cricket training equipment, game quality and world-class power are guaranteed. Made from hard-wearing plastic, these three cricket stumps and buckets are perfectly equipped to handle the hard-hitting cricket ball time after time. To ensure that the stumps are stable at every delivery point (even in windy conditions), the heavy rubber sole combines excellent stability and flexibility to play on any court (indoor or outdoor).

Ss Glory Led Cricket Stumps And Bails

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