Cricket Status – Cricket is a game of strength, head and power. There are many such quotes and situations in cricket. Something that will increase your love for the game of cricket. Today we will see Cricket Status In Marathi collection.

Read 50+ Cricket Marathi Status and Photos given in this article and your love for the game will increase. The game of cricket started in India after winning the Cricket World Cup in 1983.

Cricket Status

Cricket Status

Now cricket is everything in India. Indian players like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, Hardik Pandya are more popular because of the game of cricket.

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Cricket Status In Marathi | 50+ Cricket Marathi Status 🏏Even if you lose in the game, only the winner has to say that this was the most difficult game of my life. We must learn from our shadow, to live sometimes small and sometimes big. What will we get in the end? So live life happily.

Cricket is my life, cricket is my passion, cricket is my first love. When I play cricket, I only focus on cricket. I never think long term, just one thing at a time 😎 I am always available for cricket, because cricket is me. Cricket is not just a game, cricket is a religion.

Cricket is not a game played to make records but to break records. If you are representing team India, you won’t face any problem. Only then can you become a Grand Captain.

Cricket is considered a religion in India. At least one person in every household in India is a cricket fan. From corridor to field, cricket ground to cricket ground, cricket is the way of the game. Everyone, young or old, loves to play cricket.

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Girls also like to play cricket. Indian women’s cricket team has been performing well at the highest level. Indian women cricketers like Smriti Mandhana, Mithali Raj are world famous.

There are total three formats in cricket. T20, ODI and Test cricket. The T20 World Cup was held in 2007. The last match of that World Cup was India vs Pakistan.

India won this match and brought the T20 World Cup to India. From Twenty Twenty they started playing in India. In 2008, BCCI launched IPL i.e. Indian Premier League. There have been 13 seasons of this league.

Cricket Status

Dhoni, Kohli, Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Rohit, Sehwag, Tendulkar are the gems that the Indian cricket team has known. My father said that if I become a better person than a good cricketer then my father will be very happy.☺️ I never pushed myself to a goal and never thought how far my journey is. Cricket is my first love ☺️and when I lose it hurts the most.😓

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Proud of Mumbai as I live in Maharashtra but Dhoni is my soul 😎 and I am a CSK fan. 😎 Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a player I always looked up to. And I want to be a #finisher like her. It’s a #masterclass for everyone. – Shahrukh Khan (Indian Player) You should never deny Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings. – Harsha suffered

IPL is the global cricket of the world. So it is every player’s dream to play in IPL. Having a normal family and simple environment is your strength and not your weakness.😎☺️ There is nothing greater than cricket and nothing less than cricket. When one sees sixes in cricket, only Yuvraj Singh comes to mind. And remember his 6 sixes in an over. My good time told the world how I am! And bad times told me how the world is 😓 My good times told the world how I am! And my bad moments told me what the world is like.

Don’t look for good people in life, be good and wise and someone will find you. If you want to play cricket like #ViratKohli, go all out and give it your all to win. 💪🏻🏏 When a man’s humility is over, it must be understood that his humanity is over.😓

Whether I will be successful or not, I don’t know, but I will never stop playing cricket. ❤️🏏 A wise man always seems alone and a weak one always in a crowd?👑🙏🏻

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If you want to dream, dream big. Why small? Because only big dreams can stir a man’s blood. Everyone loves sportsmen but Virat Kohli is the most.. The King💪🏻😎

In world cricket there was and is only one person who runs the entire match behind stumps.. That is “Mahendra Singh Dhoni” 👑 😎 💪🏻🏏 Even if the pitch is yours, the pitch will be ours.🏏😎

You can lose, but you have to have the guts to fight to the end. Even if we keep doing Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai for 3 months..But when the Indian cricket team enters the field, forget everything and just say India India India. , Also not everywhere in the world. #MenInBlue #India People who were calling us after crying until yesterday… Today we will give nut, remind them again, father is father… Only Indian Cricket Team🤙🏏😝

Cricket Status

People keep status when they don’t have the guts to speak…😂 It’s not about money bro, it’s just a name and life is lived by daddy’s rule. 😎 Whole world will make cricket famous just by playing for India.🎯🙏🏻👑😎

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Cricket is not a sport, it is the only way to live. ❤️❤️🏏🏏 Always play cricket in cricket, never underestimate each other.

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