Cricket Balls – Pack of 6 red or pink plastic training balls available in youth and adult sizes. Exercise balls facilitate impact with players to reduce the risk of injury. A foam core and traditional stitching create true performance.

These premium quality plastic cricket balls are specially designed for indoor matches or training. The inseam and integrated foam are designed to mimic the bounce and slide of a game-day cork ball, but reduce the risk of injury.

Cricket Balls

Cricket Balls

Ideal for building the confidence of young players, the outer shell of plastic cricket balls softens the impact to ensure safer senior indoor cricket training or matches. Combining this with a foam core means that Incrediballs offer the most realistic performance of a synthetic cricket ball.

T20 4 Piece Leather Cricket Ball

The seam wraps around the cricket balls to recreate the traditional cork ball. This stitch promotes proper toe position, which is perfect for training any age group. Whether you’re training future Ashes stars or improving your bowling skills, our practice cricket balls are available in two sizes. Youth balls are suitable for players up to the age of 13 and weigh 90g. For ages 14 and over, we offer the main size which weighs 94g.

Supplied in a pack of 6 indoor cricket balls, it allows you to coach several players at the same time or practice your bowling with minimal disruption. Plastic cricket balls are available in traditional red or bright pink which are perfect for evening practice. The vibrant pink color stands out against the night sky and the lights let you keep dancing after the sun goes down.

At Net World Sports we offer a range of cricket equipment to enhance your training facilities, including cricket batting nets, bowling machines and spring loaded cricket stumps.

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