Best Cricket Games For Android – Cricket fever has gripped the Indian fans and their victory over their arch rivals Pakistan in the first match of the ICC World Cup made their fans very happy.

The joy of watching sports and hearing or reading professional reviews and articles is huge and makes people want to play. But considering the daily life, it is not easy to find time to play.

Best Cricket Games For Android

Best Cricket Games For Android

For these enthusiasts, the best alternative is to play simulation games with the biggest names in the world. Imagine you are on a cricket match with cricket stars like Virat Kohli, Glen Maxwell or AB De Villiers, and your every big shot is applauded by high five stars.

Best Cricket Games For Pc

If you like that, here are some great cricket games for your Android/Windows phone or tablet. All the games mentioned in the list are completely free to download and play. So here it is.

Available for free on Google Play Store and Windows Phone App Store, this game lets you play against the best international cricket teams in the world. The game has three game modes: Competitive Mode, Super Over Mode, and Seasonal Mode. In the tournament mode you can win three different trophies. In Super Over mode, you can choose to play matches of 3, 5 or 10 overs. In Scenario mode, you can relive 30 famous cricket matches and win in tough situations.

Cricket Unlimited or CU manages new batting techniques even in slow motion so you feel like you are hitting a six. Enjoy dynamic graphics that blow your mind and perfect controls that make it easy for everyone to play.

With 15 rounds of matches, CU offers you amazing camera angles to show off your batting power, hit 24 different shots including helicopter, upside down and take shots, and meet loads of balls to challenge. you.

Best Cricket Games On Android (june 2023): Real Cricket 20, Wcc Rivals, And More

Called “Cricket 3D” on the Android Play Store and “Cricket 3D World Street Challenge” on the Windows Mobile Store, the game lets you play cricket through 80 different levels, where each level has its own goal to achieve. achieve by sliding and throwing the ball. The game consists of Swing and throwing the ball in the right direction and more.

Friends. The game features a 5-player game in a canyon-like environment. Each team will have five players. The batsmen are already defined, but you can choose your pitcher from the available players. After completing one game you can start another. In this game you can run one, hit the building for 2 points and one point by hitting the wall.

Named after the greatest cricket icon of all time Sachin Tendulkar, the game lets you play against 15 cricket teams from all over the world. Use your batting skills to hit super sixes and boundaries. Take on the strongest opponents to win 3 T20 cricket matches! Play this mobile game while watching the India-Australia series and the World Cup 2015 series. The game will allow you to play against the famous T20 cricket teams of the world like Australia, England, Pakistan and South Africa. and others. It also allows you to play the most popular cricket app and win 3 challenging cups.

Best Cricket Games For Android

Retaining all the fun, excitement and power packs of real life cricket games, Cricket Play 3D features different cricket strikes and real-time vibes. Play only the best cricket teams in the world: India, Australia, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies and Bangladesh. The game also features different types of cricket including 50-50, 20-20 and quick matches.

Best Cricket Games: शानदार ग्राफिक्स वाले ये हैं टॉप 5 क्रिकेट गेम, देखें पूरी लिस्ट Best Cricket Games: शानदार ग्राफिक्स वाले ये हैं टॉप 5 क्रिकेट गेम, देखें

Known as the game of rural Indian cricket, Gilli Danda is a recreational game where the rules are similar to cricket and basketball. ‘Gilli’ which is a short stick is beaten with a long stick known as ‘Danda’. Hit different things in the “Gilli” way to get points. Complete each level to become the ultimate champion of Gilli Danda game.

The game lacks the adrenaline rush of real world cricket but retains the simplicity and charm of rural India. The game contains 10 levels, beautiful environment, physics engine gameplay, different designs and blockers.

Fans from all over the world. Unlike other serious cricket games, this one lets you play cricket with the combination of Rajnikant’s super power. The app allows you to play a fast paced, challenging and addictive game where you can choose between 1, 3 and 5 wicket games! Use your cricket bat to smash boundaries and sixties and just wait till you see the extra punch that the Great Rajnikant throws when he hits the ball.

One of the best live cricket games that features multiple game modes, plethora of players, authentic cricket equipment, great selection of bowling and batting styles. Real Cricket 2014 offers different modes, shows, tournaments like T20 World Cup, Masters Cup and Knockout Cup. Perfect your game strategy. Also, the game features a smooth interface with attractive graphics. Unfortunately this game is still not available in the Windows Mobile App Store.

Real Cricket 22 Apk Download For Android Free

Another Cricket game with HD graphics, 3D players and stadium. The game consists of 14 teams, 6 playing fields and 3 difficult modes to choose from. Apart from the popular game formats, it also maintains the regular test cricket format where you can choose from 9, 12, 15 overs per day, with test rules in place as options for ‘Explain’. Cricket World Cup Fever also has a lot of cricket game which goes by the name of IPL Cricket Fever 2013. Most of us can remember playing cricket in rough pitches as kids. Since smartphones have become our daily drivers, all the news and excitement hit the small screen and now there are hundreds of mobile cricket games to choose from. Cricket has a long history in India and is deeply rooted in the country’s culture.

The game is played and watched by people of all ages and India has a tradition of producing professional talent. IPL is one of the richest cricket leagues in the world and has a global audience. Overall, a combination of national pride, cultural significance and professional competition contribute to the popularity of cricket in India.

Now the spirit of sports has moved to mobile phones, especially Android devices. Play Store is full of Cricket games. Another reason why mobile cricket games are popular is that they allow players to enjoy the game of cricket on their mobile devices without leaving their homes. These games are convenient and can be played anytime, anywhere as long as the player has their own mobile device.

Best Cricket Games For Android

Also, cricket games for mobile devices often have realistic graphics and gameplay, which adds to their appeal. Most mobile cricket games also have a multiplayer mode, which allows players to compete against each other online. This adds an element of social interaction and competition to the game, which can attract players.

Best Cricket Games For Android And Ios Phones In 2020

Mobile cricket games are popular because they allow players to experience cricket on their mobile devices. These games are convenient and can be played anytime, anywhere as long as the player has their own mobile device.

Real Cricket 20 is an exciting mobile game and has competitive gameplay. There are many commentary packages and many options for both batting and bowling. The game is available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. In the game, players can choose from different teams and compete in different cricket tournaments and matches.

Players can also create and customize their team and control various aspects of the team, such as player selection and tactics. The game features realistic graphics and gameplay and allows players to experience the excitement and strategy of cricket on mobile devices.

Nothing comes without flaws, so there are flaws for this game as well. The artwork is dedicated to the show. There are very few playing fields and you cannot change the roster or customize the player. In Real Cricket 20, even the best things come at a price, like improving your bat speed or swing.

Best Cricket Games For Android

How to Play cricket 20 offers multiple modes where users can play against each other and has multiple button settings to play forward and backward foot. Players can choose to play with the ball or bat; The winner is decided based on the number of runs made by each player during the session.

This game has a lot to learn, including managing teams, delivering special moments and shots, and participating in prestigious competitions. Batting time is one of the most important aspects of batting in WCC rivals.

While the timing allows you to hit big shots and flash shots, it’s still important to play it right when you do so. Timing your shot, and trying to nail “Power-Drive” and “Loft”, affects how the ball travels.

Best Cricket Games For Android

With preset profiles for both left and right hitters, WCC Rivals allows your opponents to switch sides instantly. Also, collecting wickets and balls requires accurate positioning of the bowling pins.

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