Your Ticket To The Best Sports Betting Action In India: Pokerstars Sports – A big game is coming, the odds are high, and you’ve placed the perfect bet – but you don’t know where to place your bets or what the best online bookmaker is.

We cannot predict the outcome of the game for you, but we can provide you with a list of the best online sportsbooks with competitive odds, all vetted over months by our team of avid sports punters.

Your Ticket To The Best Sports Betting Action In India: Pokerstars Sports

Your Ticket To The Best Sports Betting Action In India: Pokerstars Sports

In our opinion, MyBookie is the best site for online sports betting, but we know not everyone will agree, so we’ve also prepared 9 runners-up to make sure you find the right choice.

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MyBookie is the crown jewel of our list of the best sportsbooks. It offers competitive odds across a wide range of markets, making the site an ideal destination for both beginners and experienced players.

MyBookie has 27 different betting categories to choose from, including all the most popular sports such as NFL, NBA, NHL and more.

Each sport has a wide variety of props and markets to bet on. Some even stretch into comedy territory. Our absolute favorite is the special if LSU would release a video that looked like they won the Super Bowl if the Bengals were successful in Super Bowl 56.

This feature, along with a number of other exotic features, adds a lot of character to sportsbooks and makes betting on MyBookie even more fun.

Sports Betting Insights

You can find 12 different bonuses and promotions at MyBookie, some of which are exclusive to the casino. Our favorite is the 10% deposit match up to $200.

It doesn’t sound like much, but the reason it’s so good is that it only requires x1 effort. This essentially means you can win yourself a $20 free bet for free.

Elsewhere you can deposit up to $500 and get a 25% Sports Reload Bonus. This has a higher wagering requirement of x5, but it’s still low enough that it’s definitely a bonus worth looking into.

Your Ticket To The Best Sports Betting Action In India: Pokerstars Sports

MyBookie’s design is simple, yet effective. There’s no real theme other than orange and black, and the logo looks like it was done in MS Paint in about five or ten minutes, if we’re being generous.

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That said, it doesn’t affect the site itself. Everything works as you would expect. There is a slight delay in load times when switching between different parts of the site, but it’s not terrible.

We always appreciate the search field that MyBookie offers in the upper left corner of the homepage.

There are eight different ways to deposit money into your account, but only four ways to withdraw money. That said, there are a variety of fiat and crypto banking methods to choose from.

Users should note that non-crypto withdrawal options come with some average fees, in some cases as high as $35. So it’s important to keep this in mind before deciding how to bank with MyBookie.

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Next on our list is Bovada, which offers cryptocurrency users an amazing welcome bonus and a great poker component when/if you get tired of sports betting.

With 31 sports betting categories at Bovada, it’s safe to say you won’t be short of options. All the big names are here, along with more niche categories like politics.

One of the unique features we enjoy at Bovada is the betting guide available at the bottom of the page. They have in-depth knowledge of all major sports, including thorough explanations of how to place bets on each.

Your Ticket To The Best Sports Betting Action In India: Pokerstars Sports

A quick tip for the seasoned players among you – Bovada is known for running double lines, meaning that if you’re considered a keen gambler, you’re likely to get more attractive odds than other users. This is obviously not ideal.

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Bovada does not have many sports promotions, but they have a high level of activity. Crypto users in particular will love their exclusive $750 bonus and x10 rollover requirement.

Bovada’s design is clean and pleasing to the eye. Some users may prefer darker themes and colors, but Bovada makes a nice change in appearance, and it doesn’t cross the line into tacky either.

Everything on the site is very clearly signposted, including the menu bar at the top, which lists all the most popular sports.

Sports punters don’t have to click and surf a lot to find what they want to bet on.

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All the standard options you’d expect to find in the sports betting industry are here, along with some unusual additional cryptocurrency options.

If you use a money order, Bovada will charge a $100 processing fee for each subsequent withdrawal request after the first. Ouch. There’s a good reason to stop using checks these days.

Ranked third is an online sportsbook with over 25 years of experience in the online betting industry. BetOnline improves the possibilities for live betting with exciting and unique promotions and great live coverage.

Your Ticket To The Best Sports Betting Action In India: Pokerstars Sports

BetOnline has a total of 26 categories that contain all the sports you can expect from one of the premier online sports betting sites on the web.

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Players who like to bet on the game will like to see more events live. While this is not a prerequisite for in-game gambling, having access to HD streams while placing bets will make the whole process more enjoyable.

After all, you can only tell so much from the state government. Sometimes an old fashioned eye test is the only way to get comfortable betting.

Elsewhere, we’ve found the ‘Book Your Own Bet’ feature to be an excellent addition to online sportsbooks, allowing users to request bets they can’t find on the site.

Many times we want to be able to bet on an object that does not exist. Be careful though – you must submit your request at least 24 hours before the event so BetOnline’s Deals Team can consider it.

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Want to win a 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider worth over $300,000? Well, you can if you win 50 bets in a row during BetOnline’s Mayweather giveaway promotion.

We love eye-catching campaigns like this one. It increases the fun of online betting and sets the site apart from the competition.

There are many more sources. Sports punters and NHL fans can take advantage of “discounts” on NHL odds throughout the season, which for the uninitiated basically means more attractive odds because BetOnline takes a smaller cut.

Your Ticket To The Best Sports Betting Action In India: Pokerstars Sports

Have you ever considered mobile gambling but haven’t taken the plunge yet? BetOnline will give you a risk-free bet of up to $50 as your first bet. It requires a bet of x6, but that’s still low enough to make it a great value campaign.

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All in all, the bonuses and promotions offered by BetOnline are among the strongest, if not the strongest, in online sports betting.

BetOnline has recently undergone a major redesign, but you can still switch back to the previous version of the site if you wish.

However, we’re not sure why you’d want to do this, as the new design is pretty good. It is one of the best looking online sportsbooks out there.

The functions do not disappoint either. All pages loaded smoothly and I experienced no issues even when streaming sports.

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At the time of writing, there are 19 different ways to fund your BetOnline account. that is correct. 19. We can only give BetOnline full marks here because you really can’t have too many banking options. Only one other site on this list matches this amount.

Cryptocurrency users will also appreciate the currency options available to them. It’s not just your usual BTC and ETH options. You can also find alternatives like Ripple, Solana and Stellar here.

In fourth place comes Sportsbetting.AG, a recognized sportsbook that has served players since the early 2000s.

Your Ticket To The Best Sports Betting Action In India: Pokerstars Sports

This online betting site offers mixed betting on 24 different sports categories, although some categories are greyed out. We’re not sure if that means you can’t bet on them forever, but at least not for now.

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We like the odds booster available, which allows users to enjoy even higher odds on specific games. This is an excellent reason to place bets on Sportsbetting.AG and not elsewhere.

The main attraction of Sportsbetting.AG is its long-standing reputation. If you’re looking for safety and reliability, you’ll be hard-pressed to find other brands with such credibility.

Unfortunately, there is not much to talk about in this regard. There are decent bonuses here, including a first deposit match of 10x your stake, but other than that, most of what’s on offer here is done better elsewhere.

The 5% crypto increase is a great incentive for crypto users with only a small turnover requirement of 1x. But let’s be honest, 5% isn’t really a cut when you can get bigger crypto bonuses elsewhere.

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Sportsbetting.AG has been in the online gambling space since 2003, and judging by the look of their website, they probably haven’t updated their design since then either.

We didn’t mean to be rude, but