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The royals and titans met three times last year. And the Titans won! So it’s not going to be a rivalry… but on the other hand, they were the top two teams in the tournament throughout the season and, as we’ll soon see, also in the final. So in another sense, it’s competition that’s worth considering.

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Delivers Big Wins And Endless Fun In India

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Delivers Big Wins And Endless Fun In India

In their only league meeting, the Titans went 192/4 on captain Hardick Pandia’s 52 87s. In response, the Royals lost 37 despite Jos Buller’s 24 54s.

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They met again in Qualifier 1, finishing first and second. Chasing a hard 189, David Miller pitched a 38-point 68.

They met again in the finals, and in a low-scoring matchup, the Titans were chasing 131 with ease thanks to Shubman Gill’s well-timed undefeated 45.

On paper, the two teams fit well together, so two league games will see them play each other in 2023 and they will end 1-1 this time around. Both GT and RR should make the playoffs.

Both teams had failed seasons, finishing ninth and tenth (last) in the standings respectively…but as they are the two most successful teams in IPL history, their rivalry continued into last season. M.S. scored the boundary in the last ball of the game. CSK won the first meeting with Dhoni (who else?). Mumbai won the second game by winning just 98 runs with minimal fuss after a shock blow from CSK. First of all.

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Victory could be on the cards for every team in the league, but after a bad last season, there’s no guarantee one, let alone both, will make the playoffs.

KL Rahul ended his long association with the Punjab Kings after deciding he didn’t want to be kept and instead moved to the new Lucknow franchise ahead of the 2022 season. He also became captain and had another good season at bat.

But the bad news for Punjab did not end there. Chasing 154, the Kings not only lost their only game to them, but made the playoffs, which they failed to do.

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Delivers Big Wins And Endless Fun In India

With a strong batting line-up, the highly acclaimed Punjab finished sixth while Lucknow finished third and ultimately lost to RCB in the eliminator.

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Lucknow looks better in every way and since Punjab have lost yet again, they can at least qualify for the playoffs again.

This was not the first time the duo had been fronted by MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli earlier in the season. Dhoni, however, took over from Ravindra Jadeha midway through the season, but by then it was too late as he failed to qualify for the playoffs after a poor start.

In the first match between these two teams, CSK scored an impressive 216/4. But RCB struggled to defend 173 runs to take a second win.

It is known that RCB has never won the IPL and there is no reason to change anything this season. A playoff spot could be the best they can hope for.

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CSK has a habit of bouncing back from bad seasons. So they might be more dangerous this time around as Jadeja does his thing as a key all-rounder with Dhoni commanding the shots again.

The old-school IPL teams had to forget two seasons, finishing seventh and tenth respectively after a poor start and loss of form by key players.

But in the two matches between them, KKR won both, with Pat Cummins hitting 56 from 15 balls chasing 162 runs.

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Delivers Big Wins And Endless Fun In India

Of the two, Mumbai is likely to improve from last season’s rout, especially if Jofra Archer is finally back in shape.

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