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While Republicans were once the favorite to win a large majority and take back the Senate, things are looking more promising for Democrats as voters across the country are energized by the issue of abortion rights.

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Play Your Way To Big Wins At Stake: India's Premier Site

With less than two months to go, it’s still uncertain, from how well Democrats can buck historical trends to how big a role inflation will play. Here are nine questions—many submitted by readers—that look at the factors favoring each party, the policies voters will focus on, and the long-term implications this election could have. If you have interim questions that you would like answered, please submit them in the form below.

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This year, as every two years, voters will decide who holds the majority in both houses of Congress. In 2022, the candidates chosen by voters in the Nov. 8 midterm elections will largely determine whether President Joe Biden can pass any new policies or whether Republicans will be able to block most of what he wants to do.

Political and policy reporter Li So is here to help you unpack the broken American political system and how it affects your life. Submit your questions here.

435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 seats in the Senate are on the ballot. (House seats increase every two years, Senate seats increase every six years.)

Now cleavage control seems possible. Democrats currently hold slim majorities in both chambers and, with the same party holding the White House, are well positioned to pass bills that Biden would sign. They have had a relatively successful run recently. But projections suggest Democrats are likely to lose the House and retain the Senate this fall.

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Under a Democratic Senate and Republican House, legislative action outside the legislature, such as government funding, will likely stop. Even discussion of such matters becomes controversial, with each side seeing these measures as the only means of passing their policies.

If Democrats lose both chambers, they will be forced to rely on Biden to veto bills they disagree with.

Major state-level offices are also on the ballot in dozens of states, including governors, secretaries of state, attorneys general and legislators. At least 12 governorship seats, including Massachusetts, Maryland and Arizona, could flip parties. The winners of those contests will influence state policy on topics as diverse as abortion, voting rights and Covid-19.

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Currently, projections from FiveThirtyEight indicate that Republicans will win the House 74 out of 100 and Democrats will retain the Senate 69 out of 100. Economist models echo these echoes.

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These predictions are based on factors including historical trends and polling. They also remain fluid and can change again before the elections.

There are certain dynamics that work in favor of both parties. Republicans are expected to see a boost in House races because of the setback the president’s party typically suffers in midterms. As FiveThirtyEight explained, this pattern is partly because some voters want to check the president’s authority. Andrew Prokop reports that this is a remarkably consistent trend over the last decade, with the president’s party losing House seats in 17 of the 19 post-World War II midterms.

The trend is somewhat different in the Senate, where fewer lawmakers are up for re-election and candidates must appeal to a broader electorate than House candidates. In Prokop’s analysis, the president’s party has lost Senate seats in 13 of the 19 elections since the end of World War II.

In both the House and the Senate, recent developments could help Democrats stave off losses or hold on to majorities. An important factor is the invalid judgment of the Supreme Court

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, a move expected to encourage voters to turn out and vote in favor of Democrats this fall.

In the Senate in particular, Republicans face a challenge with divisive and unpopular nominees such as Herschel Walker of Georgia and Mehmet Oz of Pennsylvania.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s poll, which asks people which party they would support to represent them in Congress in the general election, Democrats are currently slightly ahead of Republicans, with 45 percent support to 43.7 percent.

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Many of these strategists—including Simon Rosenberg and James Carville—believe further restrictions on abortion are threatened if the GOP takes control of Congress, the governor’s mansions and statehouses. In at least four states, abortion rights are literally on the ballot of November, marking a record number of abortion-related measures considered in one year so far.

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Political reporter Nicole Naria is here to help you unpack the broken American political system and how it affects your life. Submit your question here.

Some Republicans have already floated plans to consider a nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy if they regain control of Congress, and 13 red states are set to enact their “trigger bans” by the end of September. According to Gallup’s long-running poll, 85 percent of Americans who think abortion should be legal in all or some circumstances disapprove of this policy.

Abortion still lags behind the economy, gun policy and education in terms of voter priorities, but it seems to be activating voters. In New York’s 19th district, the Democratic winner of a special election focused her campaign on access to abortion. In Kansas, voters turned out in record numbers to strongly reject a constitutional amendment that would have allowed state lawmakers to further limit access to abortion in the state. Young people (especially young women) also appear to vote at significantly higher rates in states where abortion rights are threatened.

Abortion is of course just one of the hot topics this election season. Voters’ preferences differ depending on party affiliation, class and education, according to polls from this spring and summer.

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Gallup, which has tracked the most important issues for voters in recent months, consistently finds economic issues at the top. General dissatisfaction with the government, abortion and immigration are the main concerns that remain.

How important each issue is depends on who you ask. According to a recent NPR/Marist poll, Republican voters say they are most concerned about inflation, immigration and abortion (in that order). Democrats, meanwhile, have abortion, the Jan. 6 hearings and health care on their minds.

When you​​​​​​​​​​​​ look at white voters with and without college degrees in the same poll, the distribution looks similar. White college graduates approve of Joe Biden’s job performance strongly, support Democrats by a two-to-two margin, and are more concerned about abortion, inflation and the Jan. 6 hearings. Meanwhile, white voters without a college education strongly disapprove of Biden, support Republicans and worry about inflation, abortion and immigration.

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For much of the year, the economy and record inflation eroded trust and satisfaction with the Biden administration and congressional Democrats. Much of that support is slowly returning, and the unpopular Biden is reducing his leanings on congressional Democratic candidates. Political independents, who play a crucial role in elections, still rate inflation as their main problem. But after the cover

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The committee’s Jan. 6 revelations and student loan withdrawals gave Democrats — and Biden — a boost.

Not by his design, the former president has made this year’s Republican primary season all about himself. He tried to become a kingmaker by giving more than 200 awards with punishments and rewards – although most were in uncontested races, the current one was already a shoe for the win. He promoted right-wing candidates in Arizona, Georgia and Wyoming and campaigned loudly for election deniers and conspiracy theorists.

His chosen candidates defeated all the Republicans who voted to impeach him after the January 6, 2021 riots. According to an NPR tracker, his endorsed choice won 16 of 18 open house primaries (where there was no incumbent race) and defeated the sitting in four of six home races.

Veteran political reporter Christian Paz is here to help you unpack the broken American political system and how it affects your life. Submit your question here.

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A Trump-backed candidate has won all but one Senate primary race so far (Alaska’s primary allowed four candidates to advance to the general). But those Senate picks have not done well in their general election races. Trump’s controversial choice in Pennsylvania, famous TV doctor Mehmet Oz, has performed consistently like the state’s lieutenant governor, John Fetterman. The same goes for Blake Masters, the right-wing, Trump-backed candidate in Arizona’s Senate race. In fact, of the 10 most competitive Senate races, Democrats are ahead in six and slightly behind in the seventh. In some states, including Pennsylvania,