Casino Free Roulette Game – European Roulette is a fun and exciting casino game, including standard roulette wheels with numbers from 0 to 36. Play for fun only.

European roulette game rules – European roulette is a classic roulette game consisting of bets, outside bets, call bets, special bets and favorite bets. – The roulette wheel has 37 slots including 0-36. The aim of the game is to guess which ball will land after the wheel is spun. – The minimum and maximum bets for the game are displayed in the MIN/MAX section of the table. – Payment is made in accordance with the Payment Form. To view the payout table, click the i button on your keyboard, instead of viewing the Payout section below. Here’s how to choose the chip value, place your bet, spin the wheel and wait to see if you’ve guessed the winning number. – Select the chip value. To select the desired chip value, click on the chip in the keyboard area. If there are active arrows to the left and right of the pieces, click on them to see more results. – You can point to different positions on the table to indicate bets. Once the bet position is indicated, a window will appear showing the minimum and maximum bet limits for the bet. – Place one or more bets. To place a bet, select a chip value and click on a number or bet position on the table. Additional clicks add the number of chips of the same value to the selected bet field. – After placing a bet, you can point to the chips on the table to see the total value of the bet and the total amount paid if the bet wins. – Turn the wheel. When you are done betting, click the button to start the round. The ball is then placed in the roulette wheel. The amount you bet will be deducted from your account. The ball lands in a hole and the number on the hole is the winning number. – The player can stop the roulette wheel at any time while it is spinning by pressing the spin button. This feature is not available in auto play (not available in all casinos). – It is possible to spin the wheel without placing a bet (not available in all casinos). – Check the winning numbers. When the ball lands in a hole, the winning number is announced and all winnings are paid out. The winning number is displayed on the roulette wheel. Your winnings appear in the game panel and are added to your cash. All losing bets are removed from the table. – Play again. Click the rebet button to place the same bet as in the previous round. Alternatively, you can click the Clear All Bets button to clear the table of all previous bets, place any new bets, and then click the button. Auto Adjust Bet – If the bet exceeds the table limit or limit, or if the player runs out of money, the Auto Adjust Bet feature will adjust the bet Stupid to the max. If the bet has multiple bet positions, it will be scaled down proportionally over the participating bet positions. If the scaled down bet is too small to cover all the required bet positions, chips will be placed on as many of those positions as possible. If all required positions cannot be paid, the game will randomly select which positions will receive the chips. – To enable this feature, open the Game Settings menu. Special bet panel – Special bet is a type of call bet and is made by placing chips directly on the name of the bet in the special bet panel. To open the Special Games panel, click the Favorite Games button. – When this panel is open, it shows all available special games. – When you move the mouse over a certain bet, the game shows the bet numbers on the table. – To scroll through the page with specific games, use the arrows at the bottom of the panel. Favorite Games – The game has a favorite games feature, which allows you to save games of any configuration and place them automatically. To open the Favorite Games panel, click the Favorite Games button. – To save a bet as a favourite, place all your bets on the table and then open the favorites panel. Click on the + sign, register your bet and then click – You can save more than 10 favorite games. – To place one of your favorite games, open the preferences panel and select a game from your list. All the chips are placed. – To delete a favorite game, click the x button on the bet name in the favorite games list.

Casino Free Roulette Game

Casino Free Roulette Game

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